A wedding isn’t about the gifts, but it certainly is a perk. But with the rise of online wedding registries and online shopping, gone are the days when guests bring physical gifts with them to a wedding and in are the days when almost everyone brings just a card. Having said that, you need something to hold all of the cards in! Here are some ideas of card boxes to use on wedding day.


Glass Box

For a modern feel, a glass box would be a perfect card box. Bonus points if you personalize it like this one!

Photo credit [vetted]: Easterday Creative


Simple Jar

Go lowkey with a clear jar for all your cards. Simple, easy and most importantly functional!

Photo credit [vetted]: Quilt & Color


Seasonally Themed

Keep your wedding card box on point with your seasonally themed wedding. Meaning a pumpkin like this picture for your fall wedding or a box wrapped like a present for your winter wedding.

Photo credit: Sarah Joy Photo


Engraved Box

Add some customization to your card box. Engrave your box with your last name, monogram or wedding date for a personal touch.

Photo credit: stagandsparrowphoto



For a retro feel or a travel-themed wedding, a vintage suitcase is the perfect option for a card box. It’s cute, functional and unique!

Photo credit: Jaclyn Nolin Photography


Wooden Box

If you are having an outdoor or a more rustic styled wedding, a wooden card box is the way to go. The natural material enhances the outdoorsy, rustic style.

Photo credit: Libby McGowan Photography



Going for those vintage and romantic feels? A birdcage card box does just that. Especially when wrapped in flowers like this one!

Photo credit [vetted]: Critsey Rowe