Whether you are having a big, in-person wedding a small, micro-wedding or a totally virtual wedding, you’ll have a ceremony. And trust us, you’re going to want a pretty backdrop for your ceremony since it will be in all of your pictures. Time to get creative and let these ideas inspire you!



For a more traditional look, stand in front of an arbor. Whether you go more rustic and let the wood show or wrap it in drapery or adorn it with florals, it’s a classic look you can’t go wrong with.

Photo credit: Aline Marin Photography


Hanging installment

If you are looking for a wow factor, a hanging installment is the way to go. You can hang greenery, a floral chandelier or even something a little more industrial like lightbulbs or terrariums.  

Photo credit [vetted]: 128 south



Sometimes, you don’t really need much at all. If you are getting married in the mountains or in a backyard, you can let nature do its thing. 

Photo credit [vetted]: Greenbrier Farms



Especially if you are getting married at your house, a fireplace is the perfect romantic backdrop. Dress it up with candles, greenery, flowers or all three!

Photo credit: Carolina Occasions



Again, another great option if you are getting married at your own house. With a little extra love like some flowers, a plain wooden fence can become something magical.

Photo credit: Lyndsey Chavous Photography



Nearly anywhere you are, there’s bound to be a doorframe. Drape it with some fabric or a greenery garland to give it a little extra something.

Photo credit: More Beatty Photography



Flowers are always a good idea. They can take a plain space and bring a pop of color and life to the spot.

Photo credit: Christina Sturgis Photography



Using your staircase as a backdrop is another easy option if you are getting married in a house. Wrap some greenery or flowers around the railings and you’ve got yourself a showstopper backdrop.

Photo credit: Mary Catherine Echols Photography


Create Your Wedding Backdrop with Bustld

Bustld’s vetted wedding vendors can help you design a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Whether you need your florist to create a flower wall or you want to rent an arbor, the possibilities are endless with a great team and a little inspiration.