One of the biggest design pieces to the wedding puzzle is flowers. Whether you plan to go big on the floral décor or go small, one thing you almost certainly need is a bridal bouquet. Make the right statement by choosing the right style for your day. Not exactly sure what that is yet? Here is some inspiration to help you decide!



This look is super classic and traditional. This is when the flowers create a tight, round shape without much texture or mismatch to it. 

All greenery

Maybe flowers aren’t really your thing and that’s okay. Try an all greenery bouquet instead for a very natural, laid back look.

Loose handtied

Another natural, laid back look that incorporate actual blooms is a loose or “handtied” bouquet. This is when it looks like the flowers were thrown together, but in a look that comes together. 


This is when a bouquet cascades down toward the ground with hanging stems, flowers or greenery. It creates somewhat of a whimsical look and is great for that garden party style you might be going for. 


Trailing ribbon tie

Add even more style to that whimsical or boho look with trailing ribbons off the bouquet. 


For your beach or destination wedding – or maybe even just tropical themed wedding – go for an exotic look that incorporates a King Protea and palm leaves. 

Baby’s Breath

If you are planning a rustic wedding, baby’s breath is the perfect flower to match that style. 

Dusty Miller

Instead of the common eucalyptus greenery, dusty miller is another option that will match your winter wedding or even your dusty color palette. 


Choose a colorful bouquet that matches your wedding color palette to add a little pop to your white outfit. 


If color is not your thing, go with an all white bouquet. There’s nothing crisper than all white flowers!


Another unique flower option that will add something special to your bouquet is a succulent. Bonus points because they don’t need water to stay fresh looking!

Personalized Accessories

Dress up your bouquet with something personal. Wrap it in lace from your mom’s dress or add your grandma’s brooch to the handle. 


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