Just like with color palettes or flower choices, the options are endless for hairstyles. It can be overwhelming (and time consuming!) to scroll through endless pages of hairstyles on Pinterest. So, we are rounding up eight of our favorite hair styles to inspire your look! What will you choose? Something romantic and wavy, or something boho and braided?


Romantic Low Do

There’s something super romantic feeling about loosely pulled back waves that fall just perfectly against the frame of your face. This is one look you can’t go wrong with!


Photo Credit: Abbie Blair Photography

Vintage Pony

This fun and flirty look may look a little vintage, but really will work with any style! It’s not the typical style you see all the time, so if you are looking to for something unique, especially if you have long hair, this could be perfect for you!


Photo Courtesy of Chestnut & Vine Day of Wedding Coordination


Classic Low Bun

For a very simple, yet timeless look try out a low bun. Keep the look more classic by pulling back all your hair with no loose curls. 


Photo Credit: Samantha Laffoon Photography


Add a headband to any hair style for an instant princess look. Dress up your loose and wavy natural look or add it to your messy low do – it will work with any hairstyle you choose!


Photo Credit: But a Moment Photography


Flower Crown

Even if you aren’t going for the garden party look, a flower crown is the perfect accessory to soften your bridal look. While it makes the overall look feel a little more boho, nothing’s wrong with that!


Photo Credit: Critsey Rowe Photography


Half Up Half Down

You really can’t go wrong up with the half up, half down loose curl look. It is a look that will never go out of style. It takes some of the weight off your neck, so you won’t get as hot and works well for all hair lengths. 


Photo Credit: Alyssa Frost Photography



Add a braid to the side or in one big braid for a statement. Braids are a great way to add some style to your look. They are also super versatile and make your look seem classic or boho, or anything in between!


Photo Credit: Lindsey Gettig Photography

Photo Credit: Zack Bradley Photography


Loose and wavy

If you are looking for something a little more natural and easy going looking, just give your hair a few loose waves and wear it down. This is perfect for anyone wanting to feel a little more natural on wedding day. Obviously, this is a great look for something a little more low key, like a beach wedding. 


Photo Courtesy of Turner & Co. Beauty


Header Photo Credit: Abbie Blair Photography