With your wedding cake, obviously the taste is super important, but so is the look of it! It will likely be a focal point at your wedding reception, so you definitely want it to make a statement. Thought you just had to worry about how many tiers and what color your wanted it? Think again! There are so many different cake designs out there, take a look at some of these ideas for inspiration!



Giving more of a rustic, natural feeling, a semi-naked cake is barely frosted so you can see some of the actual cake peeping through. Great for couples who don’t love the taste of frosting, too!

Photo Credit: Alyssa Frost Photography



If you are having a Gatsby-themed wedding, you can go with an art deco style cake. Or maybe there is something you love, like Game of Thrones, you can even design your cake based on that!

Photo Credit: Katherine Elena Photography


Photo Credit: Amanda Moss Photography



For something different, use square or rectangular shaped tiers rather than the classic round shape. 

Photo Credit: Avonne Photography



Most traditional wedding cakes are multi-tiered to ensure you have enough servings for all of your guests. 

Photo Credit: Amanda Moss Photography


Single Tier

On the flip side, if you are having other desserts but still want a cake for the ceremonial cut, go with a small single tiered cake. 

Photo Credit: f8 Photo Studios


Fresh Flowers

Accent your cake with fresh flowers that match the rest of you wedding day florals. 

Photo Courtesy of City Club Raleigh


Hanging Display

If you really want to make that wow statement, put your cake on a hanging installment. It will be something everyone will remember!

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Marriott City Center


Horizontal Texture 

A simple way to add some style to your cake is with a horizontal textured icing. It adds a little flair, but still keeps it looking modest. 

Photo Courtesy of Chestnut & Vine Day of Wedding Coordination



Add a little more to your cake with a pattern in the icing like ribbons, dots or stripes. Or really spice it up with flower or lace patterns.

Photo Courtsey of Elle M Events


Photo Courtesy of Once in a Blue Moon Bakery



This is when the icing is frosted on in a pattern that looks like flowers. It can add a whole lot of style in a fun way. 

Photo Courtesy of Once in a Blue Moon Bakery



Instead of the traditional white cake, mix it up with a color. This is a great way to tie in your wedding day colors!

Photo Courtesy of Once in a Blue Moon Bakery



For a modern feeling cake, try a marble pattern or a touch of metallic accenting. Also, when the tiers are different sizes it adds more of a modern feel. 

Photo Courtesy of Wicked Sweet Cakes

 Photo Credit: Alexandra Blackmon Photography 


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Header Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Marriott City Center