While you might not spend a ton of time at your ceremony location, some of your most valued moments and pictures will be during the ceremony. After all, that is when you make things official. Don’t discount the moment and consider what kind of backdrop you want to create for that special time.


If there is not an actual structure where your ceremony will be, drapery is a great way to add some dimension to your backdrop. It also creates a light and airy feeling to any space and matches nearly any style from boho to traditional. You can keep it traditional with white, go bold with a color or add a garden-y feel to it with cascading greenery. 

Photo Courtesy of 128 South  


Copper Stand 

For an industrial or even a modern style, a thin copper stand will add the perfect touch to your ceremony space. Dress it up with some simple greenery or floral clusters. These are also a good DIY project if you wanted to add a personal touch to your ceremony. 

 Photo Courtesy of Your Wedding HQ 



Some venues will already have a pergola in their space for you to use. You can dress it up to match your style with flowers, greenery or draping. 

Photo Courtesy of Cannon Green 


Floral Arch

Maybe you want to make a bold statement, or you aren’t in love with the structure your venue has permanently placed at their ceremony spot. Go full on flower power and cover the structure from head to toe with flowers and greenery. Depending on your flower choice, you can create a traditional and classic look or go more boho and whimsical. 

Photo Courtesy of Just Priceless


Wooden Arbor

A more traditional backdrop for your ceremony is a wooden arbor. Keep thing simple with a greenery or floral cluster in the corner. 

Photo Courtesy of Relic Vintage Rentals 



For the ultra boho look, drape a macramé piece behind the spot you will stand to say your “I dos.” 

Photo by Amanda Moss Photography 



If you are looking for something modern with a whimsical or bohemian twist, then a moongate is a great choice. The circular arch adds a unique silhouette to the space. Dress it up with some florals or greenery. 

Photo by Adornment Photo


Room Divider

For a more unique option, look for a room divider that you like, especially if you are looking to add more of a vintage touch. 

Photo Courtesy of Honeysuckle Events


Floral Arrangements

Keep it classic with two simple floral arrangements framing out the altar. You can never go wrong with simple and classic if you ask us!

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Museum of Art 

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