When it comes to picking the menu for your wedding, you know you want it to stand out, but how creative can you really get when it comes to wedding food? The answer – very! If you like meat, mashed potatoes and veggies then that’s what you should have, but if you want something a little more unique, then let these creative options inspire you!


Soup and Sandwich Bites

A fun option for cocktail hour or even a late-night snack is the perfect pairing of a soup and sandwich. Keep the soup to a small shooter sized glass and have the sandwiches cut in small pieces. Makes the perfect mini pairing!

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Reeves Catering


Lowcountry Boil

Choose a food that is local to the area you are getting married in. So, for all you Lowcountry brides, what better choice than a Lowcountry boil! It is a great way to showcase local specialties, especially if many of your guests are from out of town

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Charleston Bay Gourmet


Ice Cream Bar

Who said you couldn’t get creative with your dessert options, too? With so many unique dessert options out there, nothing is quite like the nostalgia (and deliciousness!) of a build your own sundae bar! Don’t forget an assortment of toppings, like sprinkles, crushed Oreos and gummy worms!

Photo Credit William Avery Photography


Grazing Table

We are loving this new trend for cocktail hour that is just one oversized table filled with an assortment of different things from cheese to meat to veggies to breads. This gives guests the opportunity to graze all cocktail hour long without having to track down a server!

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] California Fresh Catering


BYO Shrimp and Grits

Anything build your own is sure to be a hit with guests. People like having control over what they are topping their food with. And especially in the south, guests will go crazy for good shrimp and grits! 

Photo Credit [Vetted] Adornment Photo


Biscuit Bar

While biscuits are a great option for a brunch wedding, there’s no rule that biscuits can’t be served for dinner, too. Or even better, a late-night snack bar!

Photo Credit [Vetted] Amelya Jayne Photography


Apple Cider Bar

It’s possible to get creative with your drink options, too. A signature cocktail at the bar is a great option, but so is a build your own drink bar! We are loving the apple cider bar idea for a fall wedding. 

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Mint to Be Weddings, Photo Credit Yah Photography


BYO Taco Bar

Everyone loves tacos and who knows, maybe tacos are your go to food and always your date night food choice. Well, by all means, have a taco bar! 

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Reeves Catering


Coffee Bar

Nothing is quite like a coffee at the end of a great meal, but sometimes people want more than just a plain black coffee with cream and sugar. Well, with a coffee bar guests can choose from a fancy drink, a plain drink or a customized drink!

Photo Credit [Vetted] Radian Photography


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