While you are getting ready, your photographer will probably ask you for you “details” so they can take some detail photos. Not sure, exactly what those details are? Let these pictures inspire you on what to include for your detail shots.


The most common detail shot is the one of your invitation. Be sure to order an extra one so you can have one on hand for the detail shot on wedding day!

Photo Credit Sara Touchet Photographer


If you are wearing a special pair of shoes or you bought a pretty pair just for wedding day, be sure to ask your photographer to snap a picture of them!

Photo Credit Mac Jones Photography


There’s nothing quite like a ring shot. The rings are the most significant pieces of jewelry all day, so make sure they get a moment and a picture all to themselves!

Photo Courtesy of Georgia TLC


A rosary is a great way to incorporate a family heirloom.

Photo Credit Easterday Creative


If you bought special jewelry to wear on wedding day, they are great accessories to include in your detail shots to add some sparkle to the picture!

Photo Courtesy of Kara Anne + Co


Your bouquet is a special part of the day. You designed it, you picked the colors and you’ll want a picture so you can always remember it!

Photo Credit Blush & Bonnet

Vintage Scissors

Another great way to incorporate a family heirloom is with a pair of vintage scissors.

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Occassions

Wax Seal Stamp

If you used a wax seal on your invitations, programs or throughout other details of wedding day, including it in your detail shots is a great addition.

Photo Courtesy of Something Perfect, Photo Credit Olivia Reed Photo

Save the Date

You spent a lot of time picking out all your paper goods, so if your save the date is something you really loved, include it in your pictures.

Photo Courtesy of Love by Court Winter

Perfume Bottle

Maybe you have a signature scent and the bottle happens to be super pretty. Well then, it would make for a great picture!

Photo Credit Nancy Lempesis Photography


If you have programs for the ceremony, they are another paper good to include for detail shots.

Photo Credit Easterday Creative


For bride’s wearing a garter, that could be another detail to include in some pictures.

Photo Credit Amanda Moss Photography

Other Invites

Similar to including your save the date, any other wedding event invitations that you really like could be included in detail shots.

Photo Credit Rob + Kristen Photography

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