Another way to celebrate your engagement, and to prepare for wedding day, is to have engagement photos taken. They can be used to announce your engagement, serve as a memory to look back on and also get you used to being in front of a camera! Put some personality behind your pictures with these ideas for engagement pictures.



Take advantage of the opportunity and dress up for the occasion. If there’s a new dress you’ve had your eye on but have had no reason to where it –now’s the time!

Photo Credit [vetted] Critsey Rowe Photography



Maybe formal isn’t your thing and that’s okay. Throw on your go-to outfit and stroll through the park or cozy up at home and snap some pictures that really capture you two.

Photo Credit [vetted] Jolie Connor Photography



Each season has it’s pros –like flowers in the springor leaves in the fall. Pick whichever is your favorite and capture that time of the year in your pictures.

Photo Credit [vetted] Grapefruit Photo


Favorite activity

If there’s something you both like to do as a couple, highlight that in your pictures. Maybe it’s a sport you play together or a hobby you like to do on the weekends. Either way, it will give everyone a little taste of who you are as a couple.

Photo Credit [vetted] Dianne Personett Photography


Local spot

Pick your favorite local spot, like a brewery, coffee shop or ice cream store, and use it as your backdrop.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Something Perfect, Photo Credit Erika El Photography



Nothing is quite as romantic and calming as a body of sparkling blue water –whether it be an ocean, a lake or a river. Anything waterfront is sure to add an extra feeling of romance to your pictures.

Photo Credit [vetted] Lauren Rae Photography


Ring shot

Don’t forget to get a close up of that sparkling diamond during your shoot!

Photo Credit [vetted] Jennifer Nicole Fine Art


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