It’s holiday season, so you know what that means? Engagement season! You are going to be wearing your engagement ring for many years to come, so make sure you know exactly what you want. So, for all you soon-to-be brides out there, this one’s for you!


The cut of a diamond refers to its shape. It’s pretty self-explanatory, an oval cut diamond is shaped like a, well, oval. The two shapes that aren’t straight forward are the princess cut, which is shaped like a square and a cushion cut, which also takes a square like shape but has rounded corners, so it’s cushioned (see what we did there!).

Oval Cut

Photo Credit Abby Byrd Photography

Princess Cut

Photo Credit Amanda Moss Photography

Round Cut

Photo Credit Dianne Personett Photography

Cushion Cut

Photo Credit Critsey Rowe Photography

Pear Cut

Photo Credit Beulah Photography


The setting of an engagement ring is how the diamond is displayed. These are some of the most common settings.


When there is a ring of smaller diamonds or pave stones surrounding the focal diamond, that’s called a halo. Again, self-explanatory as it is a halo around the main stone.

Photo Credit But a Moment Photography

Double Halo

It is just as it sounds –two rings of smaller stones that forms a halo around the main stone.

Photo Credit Mosaic Photo


The most classic and traditional setting is the diamond on a simple metal band, all on its own. It stands by itself and why shouldn’t it?

Photo Credit Nancy Lempesis Photography


When smaller stones are set in the band around the diamond, it’s called a channel setting.

Photo Credit Easterday Creative Photography

Split Shank

This is when the ring has two bands going into the center with the diamond.

Photo Courtesy of Something Perfect, Photo Credit Angela Tucker Photography

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