Believe it or not, gentlemen, but it’s not as simple as picking a suit out of your closet to wear on wedding day. When it comes to groomsmen attire, there are so many different colors, styles and options to choose from. Should the groom and groomsmen all match? What color should the groom's suit be? Will it even be a suit or will it be a full-on tuxedo for this marvelous occasion? Maybe neither? So many questions! Take a look through some of these great attire options to inspire you and help you decide which look is best for you! And remember to check out our vetted wedding attire vendors for your big day.

Khaki Wedding Suits

If you are having a summer or outdoor wedding, khaki is the perfect color for a suit. While some people put the groom in a different color suit than the groomsmen, we recommend a uniform color palette when wearing khaki at a wedding.  Khaki is a light, casual, and warm. Mixing it with a more formal color like black or cool color like grey can cause some aesthetic issues. 

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Navy Suits 

For something nicer, but not as fancy or traditional as black, navy is a great option. A navy groom suit can be more on the casual side depending on what material is used and is perfect for evening weddings, especially in summer when black might feel too heavy. 

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Grey Wedding Suits

A very versatile color, grey is good for all seasons but is still a little more casual than a black suit. While grey suits can be worn year-round, their cool color would be perfect for a daytime winter wedding as it pairs beautifully with classic winter wedding color schemes. 

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Groom in Different Color Suit than Groomsmen

If the groom wants to completely stand out, put him in something a totally different color than the groomsmen. Just remember: the colors should go together, not clash. Grey and khaki will sometimes clash, but grey and blue or light grey and dark grey go great together. Just make sure the groom is still the star of the show! 

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Groom and Groomsmen in the Same Suits

For a more traditional and classic look, keep the groomsmen and groom matching. In modern weddings, groom's suits typically have a little something extra compared to the groomsmen, such as an extra button or a shiny lapel. To keep  things simple and classic, have everyone in the same exact suit. 

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Suit with No Jacket for Wedding

Keep it casually cool with a suit without the jacket for your wedding. This look is perfect for a more casual style wedding, beach wedding or rustic wedding. Bonus points if the groom gets a special accessory like suspenders or a patterned tie to stand out from the groomsmen. 

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Traditional Suit

A traditional suit is perfect for most dress codes until you reach black tie level. It can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the color and accessories. Best of all, this is a suit you can wear from your wedding to a job interview without being under- or over-dressed for either occasion. 

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Three-Piece Wedding Suit

Adding a vest to your suit will add a little extra style. If you plan to take your jacket off a majority of the time, the vest will still keep you looking sharp! You can even mix this up by having the groomsmen ditch the jackets for a more casual look. 

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Tuxedo for Wedding

For your black tie wedding, go with a tux. Even if you are just having a cocktail attire wedding, a tux is still appropriate. You can’t go wrong with this classic! If buying a tux isn't in your budget, take advantage of tuxedo rentals to ensure you look like a million bucks. 

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Mismatched Suit Separates

Another casual wedding suit option is to mismatch your dress pants with a different colored jacket. 

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Groom’s Tie Mismatched

If the groom wants to stand out just a little, keep him in the same suit but give him a different piece of neckwear. The groom can be in a bow tie while the groomsmen are in ties, or the groom can wear a patterned tie that plays off the color of the groomsmen ties. So many options for this one!

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Mismatched Ties 

Mix things up a little and give each groomsman a different colored or differently designed tie. This is perfect for spring weddings that are utilizing a wide range of colors. Take things a step further by having each groomsman's boutonniere match the color of his tie 

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