When you put together a floor plan, there’s a lot to consider and usually a lot of different layout options. What do you want the focal point to be in the center of the room – your cake or maybe your bar? Where will the head or king’s table go? Here are some ideas to inspire your reception layout!


Bar Focal Point

If you’ve paid to upgrade your bar, show it off! Put the bar in the center of the room to create a focal point that your guests can “ooh and ahh” over.

Photo credit [vetted] Critsey Rowe Photography


Head Table Front and Center

You picked the most special people to be a part of your wedding party, so have them join you in the most special spot of the room – front and center!

Photo credit [vetted] 128 South


Soft Seating Around the Dance Floor

Create a lounge area around your dance floor so your guests who might not be the dancing type can still feel like they are a part of the fun.

Photo credit [vetted]  Greenbrier Farms



Surround the dance floor with your tables to create a U-shape floor plan. All tables will have a great view of the dance floor for those special first dance moments!

Photo credit [vetted] Marriott City Center


Soft Seating Outside

If your venue has a great outdoor area that you want to utilize, add some soft seating out there to invite guests to retreat for a little break from the reception or relax on during cocktail hour.

Photo credit [vetted] Daniel Stowe


Focal Point Cake

No wedding is complete without cake, we know that. So, if you’ve designed a masterpiece of a cake, show it off!

Photo credit [vetted] Aria at Founders Hall


Dance Floor Outside

If you’re tight on space inside, don’t try and cram it all in. Give your guest tables room to breathe and move your dance floor outside. It’s nice to have a little fresh air while breaking it down on that dance floor!

Photo credit [vetted] Jessica Charles Photography


Corner Dance Floor

Opt to put your dance floor in the corner of the room if that’s what works best in the space.

Photo credit [vetted] Highland Brewery


Center Head Table

Rather than front and center, blend your head table in with the rest of your tables, but still keep it centered so everyone knows where they can find the couple!

Photo credit [vetted] Michelle Davina Photography


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