You know you want to propose in a meaningful place, but you have no clue where that is. We’ve got you covered! Here are some proposal location ideas to help get you started.


At home

If you are more of the simple, homebody type couple then the comfort of your own house could be the perfect spot.

Photo Credit [vetted] Mosaic Photography


First kiss, date, “I love you”

Wherever you had your first kiss, first date or first “I love you” might have become a meaningful spot in your relationship. It might also be the perfect place to take another meaningful next step like a proposal.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Something Perfect, Photo Credit Erika El Photography



For someone looking for that wow backdrop, nothing beats the view from the top of a mountain. It’s also perfect for an outdoorsy or adventurous couple.

Photo Credit [vetted] Vanessa Ray Photography



Similar to the mountaintop location, a waterfall backdrop would make a gorgeous backdrop and might be a little easier to get to!

Photo Credit [vetted] Wonderlove Weddings



If you are a little more city and modern but are still looking for that dramatic background, a rooftop in the city could be the right balancefor you.

Photo Credit [vetted] Dianne Personett Photography



Maybe hiking is not your thing, but if nature is then a garden is the perfect compromise.

Photo Credit [vetted] Viridian Images Photography



If the two of you met at a camp, then bring things full circle and take that next step where everything first started!

Photo Credit [vetted] Critsey Rowe Photography


Iconic Backdrop

For the hopeless romantic, plan a trip to an iconic setting like the Eifel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge or Rockefeller Center.

Photo Credit [vetted] Sara Touchet Photography


Vacation Spot

If there’s a special vacation spot you frequently visit, make it even more special by proposing there!

Photo Credit [vetted] Kelsey Halm Photography


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