With all the different types of seating options out there, how can you possibly decide which is best? There’s no right or wrong way to do things, just depends on what style and look you are hoping to achieve. Let some of these options inspire you!


This is one of the more common table shapes and creates a very traditional, classic look. If your venue has tables included, they are most likely rounds.

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For a more modern look, square tables give the room a unique feel. It also feels a little more luxurious, since it usually means more space to fill with a larger centerpiece.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Southern Exchange Ballrooms


Another common choice are rectangular shaped tables. Not quite as traditional as rounds, but not quite as modern as square. If you love greenery, they are a great choice because you can fill the length of the table with greenery garland without getting in the way of guests.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] The Bradford, Photo Credit Jill Shaw Photography

Family Style

For a smaller or more intimate wedding, one long rectangular table is a fun option. It creates a more intimate feeling, as if you are having dinner with your entire family –because you are!

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Cocktail Style

If you choose to do unassigned seating, cocktail style is great because it gives guests many different spots to sit or stand to eat. Mix cocktail tables with seating tables and even some lounge furniture.

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Head Table

This is a very formal and traditional option for the couple and their bridal party to sit at. There are only chairs on one side.

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King’s Table

Similar to the head table, but it has seating on both sides of the table so that bridal party can have their dates sit with them.

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Sweetheart Table

A popular option for the couple, a sweetheart table is a romantic table for two so that you can spend a few minutes alone during dinner.

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Farm Tables

A popular way to add some style to the reception is with farm tables. They are obviously great for a rustic wedding but can work with a ton of other styles like industrial, boho and vintage.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] 128 South

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