Shoes are a vital part of your bridal look and one of the most important accessories, so you want to make sure you pick the right pair. Sure, it’s all about the style but that doesn’t always mean sacrificing comfort at the same time! Check out some of favorite looks for your feet on wedding day.



No one said you have to wear fancy shoes on wedding day. In fact, if sneakers are your thing, go for it! 

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Something Blue

If you are in need of you something blue still, consider looking for a blue pair of shoes. They will add a fun pop to your look!

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Especially in the winter, a velvet shoe will add some style to your look. 

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A colored shoe is a great way to tie everything together. Pick a color that matches your color palette for the day and tie your look into your décor or even the bridesmaid’s dress color.

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Go for the classic look with a traditional heel. You can go simple with plain white satin or glamorize it with some bling.

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Strappy Heels

For a less traditional feel, but still a classic look go for a strappy heel. Something that shows a little more foot. 

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Just because you can’t walk in heels, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a classic or glamorous look with flats. Same look, just no height.

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For a more casual look or if you have a beach or summer wedding, a sandal would be the perfect choice! Now, maybe not your Old Navy rubber flip flips but a fancier sandal is a great option. 

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Just like sneakers, but a little less sporty, Converses or Keds are a suitable choice for wedding day. You can get them in a fun color to match your wedding colors, you can get them sparkly for a touch of glam or you can even have them embroidered and customized. 

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Cowboy Boots

For a rustic wedding, break out the cowboy boots! They are really the icing on top of the cake for any barn or rustic wedding. 

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If you are having your wedding in cooler weather, a bootie may be the perfect option. 

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