Realistically, you probably can’t afford to splurge on everything for your wedding. But, in case your budget allows a fun splurge or two, here are some ideas!


Soft Seating

A soft seating area allows an inviting place for your guests to take a break from all the action, while setting anintimate feeling.

Photo Credit [vetted] Amanda Moss Photography


Colored Flatware

Probably one of our favorite splurges is colored flatware. Whether it be gold, black or rose gold, it all around elevates the look of the table.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Carolina Occasions



Chargers come in many styles –classic, modern, elegant, rustic, coastal. Any style will help you enhance your reception place setting.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Bouquets and Bowties 


Upgraded Chairs

Nothing changes a room more than upgraded chairs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the basic in-house chair your venue comes with but an upgraded chair is an immediate upgrade to your space. And with so many options–Chiavari for classic, ghost for modern, crossbacks for rustic–there’s something for everyone.

Photo Credit [vetted] Michelle Davina Photography 



To add some extra romance to an already super romantic day, brighten the space with a (or many!) chandelier. If your venue doesn’t already have chandeliers installed, adding a chandelier ups the ante.

Photo Credit [vetted] Adornment Photo


Market Lights

Like a chandelier, market lights with brighten your space with a romantic feel. They offer a more industrial and rustic lighting option to the more traditional, classic and elegant feel of a chandelier.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Cannon Green


Farm Tables

Despite being wood, farm tables can be mixed with any style. Up the ante for a rustic, modern, classic or industrial style wedding by mixing it up with a farm table (or two!) mixed with your traditional linen covered tables.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] 128 South


Upgraded Linens

Speaking of linens, if you do go with the traditional table with a linen, an upgraded linen can be a nice splurge to add additional texture to your space. Want to splurge on a budget? Upgrade your linen on accent tables, like your cake table or sweetheart table, only to make a statement.

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Your Wedding HQ


Champagne Wall

Another one of our favorite splurges is a champagne wall. No wedding in complete without champagne and what better way to offer your guests a glassthan on a pretty display!

Photo Courtesy of [vetted] Something Perfect, Photo Credit Kevyn Dixon Photography


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