You’ve worked so hard making sure your table assignments are spot on. You’ve even come up with a creative way to direct guests to the right table. Don’t drop the ball now, make sure your guests can find the right table with the right table numbers! There’s more than just the traditional tented table card – although there’s nothing wrong with a traditional approach! Let one of these table number options inspire you to try something different!


Themed Cards 

Dress your plain table number card up a little bit. Add a floral or greenery design to it if you have more of a garden party theme. Or really, any design to match any theme or style!



Photo Courtesy of Harts and Petals



Add a glamorous touch to your table number and have them printed on mirrors. The table will automatically feel more elegant and will add extra shine with its reflection.

Photo by Three Region Photography 



Use wooden blocks to put your numbers on for a rustic feel. The natural material will add that appeal. 

Photo by Posh Moments Photography



For a more modern touch, use acrylic to print your numbers on. Acrylic is such a unique material, your guests are sure to be wowed!


Photo by Alexandra Blackmon Photography



Add something extra to your basic table numbers by framing the cards for a more elegant touch. You can match the frame to whatever style you are going for. Gold for glamorous or antique silver for vintage

Photo Courtesy of Dana Cubbage Weddings and Bouquets & Bowties


Cut Outs

Avoid the paper prints altogether and get actual cut outs of the numbers to stand alone on each table. Again, this is an easy option you can change the color up on to match whatever style you want. Keep it wood for something rustic or paint it to match your wedding day colors. 

Photo Courtesy of Chestnut & Vine Day of Wedding Coordination 



Really change things up and don’t use numbers at all. Instead, personalize the tables and name them after something meaningful. Use the names of cities you traveled to or street names you’ve lived on. Get creative!

 Photo Courtesy off 1 of 13 Photography and Honeysuckle Events 


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