After your big grand exit, make sure you’ve got some sort of transportation waiting for you at the end of all the sparklers or glowsticks. You can get a basic sedan or SUV to pick you up any day of the week, why not ride in style on your wedding day? Check out these fun transportation ideas for your wedding. 


Vintage Car

Even if you aren’t having a vintage styled wedding, a vintage car is still a fun way to exit your reception. You will look and feel super chic!

Photo Credit [Vetted] Critsey Rowe Photography



This is a fun option for a city wedding where you just need to go around the corner to your hotel. It’s also a super romantic ride surrounded by the city lights with your new husband or wife cozied up next to you!

Photo courtesy of [Vetted] Something Perfect, Photo Credit: Deus Amor Photography


Golf Cart

The perfect option for a country club or clubhouse wedding would be a golf cart. It’s on point for the background and is a super fun way to end the night. 

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Mint to Be Weddings, Photo Credit Yah Photography



A trolley is a fun way to travel with your bridal party earlier in the day, so maybe it’s easiest to have them stick around for the end of the night to take you then, too. Especially if you are going to an after party with your bridal party, there’s room for everyone!

Photo Credit Aline Marin Photography


Luxury Car

There likely won’t be many times in your life when you get to ride in a Rolls Royse or Aston Martin so why not live it up on your wedding day! Talk about feeling important!

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Cotton Rouge and Company, Photo Credit Kendra Martin Photography



Nothing is quite like letting your hair be blown by the wind with the person you love beside you. A convertible is a great choice for a summer or beach wedding, just make sure the top is functional in case the weather doesn’t work in your favor!

Photo Courtesy of [Vetted] Hello Cheetah Productions



If you are a country gal or guy through and through, then nothing says country like driving away in a truck. They do also make for some pretty cute pictures!

Photo Credit [Vetted] Dianne Personett Photography



Okay, this one may be out in left field but it’s too fun not to share! For any waterfront wedding, a water getaway really knocks it out of the park. 

Photo Credit Connetion Photography



Maybe you or your new spouse is a bike person and you want to make your exit on two wheels instead of four. Just make sure you get a custom leather jacket to go with it!

Photo Credit Bare Bones Beauty & Photography


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