Wedding menus can get a little repetitive sometimes. More often than not, it’s a version of a baked chicken or steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus followed by a slice of cake. Listen, anytime we get a meal we don’t have to cook ourselves, we won’t complain about it. But maybe for your wedding day you want to do something a little different. And we have the perfect ideas!


If you aren’t having a typical night time reception, you may be at a loss of what to serve. You can never go wrong with brunch if you ask us! Heck, even for a night time reception, if brunch is your jam why not mix it up? Or at least serve a brunch type item as a late night snack!

Low Country Boil

If you are getting married in the low country, show off what the area is known for! If you are having a lot of guests, chances are a lot of them will have never had a boil before so show them what it’s all about.

Family Style

Buffets and stations are the two more common ways to serve dinner at a wedding reception. If you are looking for something a little more unique, opt for family style. It’s like a buffet, for each table without the hassle of having to get up.


If your wedding is in the south, wow your guests with some southern style food. 

Taco Bar

Add some fun to your wedding with a taco bar! But if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right with all the important toppings and sides!


Okay, so this may not be that unique anymore but it’s certainly not traditional! 

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

As a more unique dessert option that’s not donuts, go for an ice cream sundae bar! Imagine guests having their choice of toppings and being able to load up on whatever they please.

Italian Ice

Maybe you aren’t a donut lover or an ice cream fan (it’s okay, we’ll forgive you) or maybe you are having an outdoor summer wedding, then Italian ice might be the perfect addition to your wedding day feast!

Cider Bar

This super cute make your own cider bar would be perfect for an outdoor fall wedding. A warm treat for your guests as they enjoy the fall breeze!

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Photo Courtesty of Catering Works Inc.