The ceremony is a vital part of wedding day. In fact, it really is the only part of wedding day that actually matters. If you’re looking for a way to make your ceremony special and unique, consider one of these unity ceremony ideas to put your personal touch on the most meaningful part of wedding day.


One of the most traditional options is a sand ceremony.The couple each pours a different color sand into a glass or vase together. Another fun piece of memorabilia to display after the wedding!

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Another more traditional option is a candle unity ceremony. Each person lights a candle and then comes together to light one together. If you want a unity ceremony that extends beyond the couple and into the full families, this can do just that. It is can be a sweet way to honor the mothers, or matriarchs, of each family and have them light the two single candles during the processional. The couple then uses those to candles to light the single candle during the ceremony.

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For the nature lover, there’s the option of a dirt ceremony. You and your significant other each gather dirt from your homes or a place special to you and then combine them into a single pot. Bonus points because you can put a plant in the pot and display it in your new home together!

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If you are looking for a less traditional route, you can choose to mix two different drinks into one and share a sip. A word to the wise –choose the same alcohol type, but different flavors. So, two different types of beer or two different types of whiskey. We wouldn’t recommend mixing a beer with a whiskey!

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A more religious type of unity ceremony is the cord of three strands. The couple each takes a strand of rope and braids it together with a third strand. It symbolizes the unity of the couple with God.

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A unique idea is to each write a love letter to one another and seal it in a box to read later, maybe even with a bottle of wine to enjoy withit. It’s common to open this for either your first fight (they happen!) or your first anniversary as a reminder of your love in that special moment.

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