We are sure you’ve thought about what kind of hair style you want and have saved plenty of pretty pictures for inspiration! But have you actually paid attention to what kind of veil is in those pictures? Or how they pair with different dress styles? Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there are so many different types of veils out there, each one with its own unique look. Not sure what the options are? Take a look!



For a more vintage look, the birdcage veil is a small piece of fishnet style tulle to cover your hair. 


Photo Credit: Amanda Moss Photography



The most formal and dramatic of all veil options is the cathedral veil. This style trails down longer than the actual train of your dress for a big statement.


Photo Credit: Brian Mullins Photography / Photo Courtesy of Chestnut & Vine Day of Wedding Coordination



A more traditional option and not quite as formal or dramatic is the chapel length. This veil sweeps the floor but doesn’t trail past. 


Photo Credit: Dianne Personett Photography


This style is for the “in between” bride. The waltz or ballet style veil falls somewhere between your knees and your ankles but doesn’t quite hit the floor.


Photo Credit: Samantha Laffoon Photography


The most popular style veil is the short veil, which can mean a few different lengths. A short veil is anything from your knees up. 


Photo Courtesy of J. Major's Bridal Boutique


This is a traditional Spanish lace veil that is worn over the shoulders.


Photo Credit: Dianne Personett Photography

Double Tier

If you plan to wear your veil over your face (a.k.a. a blusher), you will need a double tier veil so one layer can fold over.


Photo Credit: Abbie Blair Photography


Header Images Photo Credit: Abbie Blair Photography