A venue really sets the tone for the style of your day. It can say a lot – or it can say a little, depending on your style. Choose a venue that enhances your wedding day style with these recommendations!



The best choice for a modern wedding is an art museum. If that’s not an option, something with clean and crisp lines and minimal décor. Modern is a very simplistic style so find something to enhance that simple look. 

Photo Credit: Heirloom Foto



The obvious choice here is a barn. Outdoor weddings also bring a sense of rustic-ness, with the right accenting. Anything with exposed wood and raw materials help bring the style to life.  

Photo Courtesy of Greenbrier Farms



Something like a refurbished mill with exposed brick is perfect for an industrial style wedding. Visible raw materials like exposed duct work really adds to that vibe. 


Photo Credit: Rob + Kristen Photography



For a garden style wedding, flowerscan help create that style anywhere, but ideally, a garden itself would be the right place for your wedding. If not a garden, then something outdoors will help create that garden feeling. 

Photo Courtesy of McGill Rose Garden



A traditional ballroom is best to create a classic feeling wedding. Think country club or hotel ballroom with chandeliers. 

Photo Courtesy of Commerce Club Greenville



Similar to a classic wedding, but more glamourous. So, while a ballroom with chandeliers is great, think more – oversized crystal chandeliers, marble floors, black and white dance floor and so on. 

Photo Courtesy of Southern Exchange Ballrooms



bohowedding feels very free spirited so something surrounded by nature is best. Think a forest or even a blank space you can dress up yourself.  

Photo Credit: Adornment Photo



When we think southern, we think Spanish moss covered trees and plantations. Any building with a big front porch also screams southern!

Photo Credit: Sarah Beach Photography


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