The ceremony is a vital part of wedding day, in fact it is the whole reason everyone is there. So, while you want to make sure the ceremony is meaningful and composed of all the right pieces, you also want to make sure it looks good! Here is some inspiration to help dress up your ceremony’s look.


Indoor Draping

To make an indoor space feel a little more intimate or if you are using the same space as the reception and want to section off the area, drape the room off. Not just a wall, but the entire room to make it feel like a totally separate space. White draping also helps to make a room feel a little lighter and airier if you want to add that feeling to the space.

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Outdoor Entrance

With an outdoor wedding it can sometimes be hard to create that “doors open for the bride and everyone’s jaw drops” moment because you can see the bride walking up from far away. If that’s the moment you are after, but you are set on an outdoor wedding, set up an entrance to the outdoor space that you can walk through.

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You are going to have a lot of big moments while you stand up at the altar –exchanging of vows, the rings andt he first kiss, to name a few. Make sure you have a backdrop you love for all those pictures, like an arbor. There are so many different options for arbors to match any style –wooden, floral, moongate, drapery, macramé and the list goes on.

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Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests with a sign. Whether it be a simple welcome with your names and date or more instructional that says welcome and please unplug, or welcome and sit on any side, it’s always a nice detail.

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Aisle Markers

Dress up your aislewith aisle markers. Aisle markers can range from simple greenery tied to every other aisle chair, to a slew of petals lining the aisle.

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Aisle Runner

For a more traditional look and feel, add an aisle runner to your ceremony. For that red (or white!) carpet feeling. Also, if you are going to be walking outside, it could help keep dirt off your dress.

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Reserved Rows

If you are going to be reserving rows for family members, make sure you consider how you are going to actually reserve those. A few ideas include a sign on the end of the aisle, place cards on the reserved seats or aisle markers on those rows.

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Altar Arrangements

Add a little extra “wow” to your place of worship with altar arrangements that tie together your whole look.

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