You’ve probably seen those crazy & elaborate wedding party intros on YouTube that are always a crowd pleaser. For those of you who don’t have time to choreograph a dance but still want to have lively intros, there is still hope! Read on to find out how to organize your wedding party intros.

Who to introduce:

First things first, you’re going to want to decide who exactly is participating in your intros. Do you want just bridal party? Bridal party + parents? Or would you like to keep it simple and just introduce two of you?

How to order:

If you’re introducing bridal party & parents, the order should follow this pattern: parents of the groom, parents of the bride, groomsmen + bridesmaids (typically in couples but could also be a group), the best man and maid of honor, & last but not least, the newlyweds! If you want to keep it just bridal party, then follow the same rules as above without parents! If you have uneven bridal parties don’t worry, just pair up two guys + a girl or visa versa.

How to announce:

Keep in mind how you want your MC to announce everyone. For more formal weddings, use titles and full names. Or opt to do just first names. We’ve even seen people add some commentary around how they know each person. And don’t forget about the two of you — will you be announced as the new Mr. and Mrs. (insert last name) or maybe just the newlyweds? There are lots of variations to fit your personality!