An invitation includes the basic wedding information like the couple, the time and the place but there is so much more information guests might need to know. That’s where invitation inserts come in. Not sure what kind of add-ons you might need? Let’s look over the options!


RSVP card

You should most definitely plan to add on an RSVP card. Even if you plan to do online RSVPs, it is still a good idea to include a snail mail option, too. If you are doing a plated meal with a choice of meals, you will definitely need an RSVP card, so guests can choose their meal. 


Details card

There are a lot of different things you can include on a details card. Most commonly, couples include their wedding website, so guests know to look there for more information. Hotel accommodations and registry information should be kept to your wedding website only, but that’s why you should include a link to direct guests there to access that information. If you are having any additional (and open to all guests) wedding events like a welcome party or brunch, you can include that information on a details card.


Reception card

If you are having a wedding in a house of worship, you will most likely want to order a reception card. This more traditional card will tell guests when and where the reception is if that information is not included on your invitation.



Again, this is something that is most useful if your ceremony and reception are at two different locations. Sometimes, couples will provide an insert with directions for guests from the ceremony venue to the reception venue if there is no group transportation.


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