It’s no question that you need to pick out and send invitations, but the question is when? We are here to help walk you through the timeline on invitations – when to pick them, when to order them, when to send them out and everything in between!


8-12 months: Inspiration

It’s never too early to start looking at inspiration. Finding inspiration through Facebook, blog posts and of course, real weddings on Bustld, is the first step on the invitation timeline.


6-8 months: Samples/store visits

Give yourself ample time to look at your options. Whether you plan to go online and order or order through a brick and mortar shop, give yourself time to shop around. A lot of online vendors will even send you samples in the mail, so try ordering a few options to help make your decision. 


6-8 months: Finalize guest list

Before you can order your invitations, you must have your guest list done. Make sure you have all the addresses and any names of kids and plus ones, if you can get them. 


4-6 months: Select and order

Now’s the time to make a decision! Once you’ve picked out your invitation suite and any necessary add ons (more on that in a later post!), place your order. 


3-4 months: Address/calligraphy

If you plan to have a calligrapher address your envelopes, make sure you have them lined up ahead of time and have worked with them on the timeline of when you plan to give them the invitations and when they plan to have them back. If you are not using a calligrapher, make sure you leave enough time to address the envelopes or include addressing with your printer. 


2-3 months: Assemble and send

Once you have all the pieces to your invitation suite and your addressed envelopes, it’s time to assemble your suite – stacking and stamping! When you are done with that, mail those bad boys off! 


2 months: Track

Sit back and relax as your RSVPs begin to roll in. Don’t relax too much though, make sure you are tracking them as they come in!


1 month: Cut off

Your RSVP due date should be about one month out from wedding day. Likely this is the time some of your final numbers will be due to catering and your florist (you’ll need to know head count for them because number of people = number of tables needed = number of centerpieces needed). Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room so you have time to call on anyone who didn’t RSVP.


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Photo Courtesy of Honeysuckle Events