In short, yes. Whether you believe us or not, it’s true that a hair and makeup trial does matter, and you should do it. You want to know why? We’ll tell you!

1.Make Sure You Like The Look

The obvious reason to do a trial is to make sure you like the way everything looks. Make sure you like the hairstyle and the makeup look. Sometimes, it’s even a good idea to do your trial on the same day you are having a dress fitting (or your bridal portraits!) so you can really see how the whole thing comes together.

2.See If It Holds

Wedding day is a long day and you want to be looking your best all day long! A trial run will give you an idea of how well your look will hold up through an entire day. Did your hair start to fall out? Let your stylist know that after the trial and they can secure things even tighter on wedding day. 

3.Test the Products

It’s likely you will wear different products and brands than your face is used to wearing. You want to be sure you don’t have any reactions to the products your stylist is using.

4.Get to Know Your Stylist

Sure, your beauty artist isn’t like your photographer, she’s not someone who is going to be there all day and witnessing all your intimate moments, but she is someone you should get along with and build trust with. 

5.Save Time of Wedding Day

Practicing your look ahead of wedding day will help your stylist build your timeline. There won’t be any surprises of how long things will take and running out of time.

6.Discuss Details

A trial also provides an opportunity for you to meet with your beauty team face to face and discuss details. You will go over not just timing for your bridal look on wedding day, but for the rest of your bridal party and family who are getting hair and makeup done, as well. 

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