Once you’ve decided when you are going to propose, it’s time to decide where you are going to pop the big question. It’s always all about location, and a proposal is no exception.


So, where’s the best place to propose? Well, it depends on your relationship. You want to pick a spot that is representative of you both as a couple. If that means a quiet night at home on your couch because you are private, intimate people, then that’s the best spot for you. Maybe you are an adventure, outdoors loving couple and a mountaintop is the best spot. You might also want to consider a spot that holds a special meaning in your relationship, like the spot of your first kiss or your first date.


Also, if you are hiring a photographer or having a friend secretively take pictures that is also something you’ll need to consider when picking your proposal spot. It won’t be so easy to hide someone across from the couch in your house, but it would be much easier to hide them in a tree a distance away.


Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to think about logistics. How are you going to get there and what do you already need set up? It’s nice to have some champagne waiting or a bouquet of flowers, but you really don’t need anything else besides the two of you and the ring. However, if you know you want to decorate the space with candles, flowers or pictures, you’ve got to consider the logistics behind it. Is it a private space you can go to early andset up or is it a public space you won’t be able to leave anything unattended at?


As far as how to get to the spot, it just depends on where it is. If it’s at a meaningful restaurant or at home, it’s easy to figure out and say you are going to dinner orgoing home. But if it’s an exact spot on a bridge in a park, you’ve got to come up with an excuse to get your partner there. Use your family and friends to help and ask a friend to invite your partner to the location you want or ask your family to stage a“family picture.”


Remember, it’s going to be magical no matter what!


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Photo Credit [vetted] Katherine Elena Photography