The dust has settled from your proposal and now it’s actually time to get down to business. Time to pick a date and get down to planning. It can be overwhelming to know where to even begin, so start big with picking a season, and narrow it down from there.


Depending on where you live, “wedding season” may differ. In the south, wedding season is typically during the spring or fall seasons. For the most part, those wedding seasons match the actual weather seasons with spring happening March through June and fall happening September to November. While weddings do still happen during summer and winter, it’s just not as popular.


There’s no “best” season to get married in, it really all depends on your style and vision. Here are some things you should consider when deciding which season is right for you.


  • Do you want any outdoor aspects? If so, extreme temperatures –too hot or too cold –will play a part in your decision.
  • Do you like particular flowers? Certain flowers are only available during certain seasons, so if you have your heart set on a certain flower, make sure you pick a date in that season.
  • Do you have a color palette in mind? It doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but some colors work better during certain seasons, like softer, pastel colors in the spring and darker, jeweled tones in the fall.
  • How long of an engagement doyou want?If you get engaged in December and want a spring wedding, that doesn’t give you much time to plan!
  • Is your heart set on a specific venue?Then that venue’s availability will determine the dates and seasons you have to choose from.
  • Do you have a specific vision in mind? Things like a Christmas or New Year’s themed wedding make it an obvious choice for season selection.


One last thing to consider –If you decide to go for a less popular time of year, it may come with some perks. Popular venues and vendors will have more availability for you to choose from. Some vendors may even offer off season discounts.


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