Even with a virtual wedding, there are still key players on wedding day that play an important role. While the actual job of these key people may differ between a virtual wedding and a traditional wedding, they are still important people with an important job!


The Couple

Well, duh. There’s no wedding day without the couple saying I do. The role of the bride and groom doesn’t change much between a virtual wedding and a traditional wedding. Depending on what streaming platform you are using, the couple may have to assume the role of virtual platform host (remember, with LoveStream there is no host, so you get to enjoy the day!), but their main job is to get married.


The Officiant

Just like with a traditional wedding, a virtual wedding still needs an ordained officiant to make things legal. But with a virtual wedding, you may have the option for your officiant to be virtual, also. Make sure you check what rules your state is following when it comes to virtual officiants.   If you have a virtual officiant, make sure you practice with them on how the livestream and your selected platform works.


Toast Givers

If you are having a virtual wedding, you might not be having a traditional wedding party (but you still can!) but you should still plan to allow toasts. Make sure you coordinate with any toast givers ahead of time so you can plan your timeline accordingly. Just like if your officiant is virtual, if your toast givers are virtual, you’ll want to review how your virtual platform works ahead of time and figure out how their virtual speech will work.


The Guest List

Sometimes with an in-person wedding the guest list can cause heartache because the more guests, the more dollar sings and eventually, you run out of dollar signs. The good news is with a virtual wedding, virtual guests don’t cost any money. So, you could even extend your guest list and include plus ones or kids that you might not have included if it was in-person. Make sure your guests are equipped with the link to your livestream ahead of time, and then their job is easy. Click, watch and celebrate with you!



If you are livestreaming your wedding, you’ve got to have someone in charge of the camera. Depending on your virtual provider, this role may differ. With LoveStream, we keep it easy for you. You’ll want someone to set up your camera, but once it’s up we take it from there and switch angles and turn the stream on and off. With other providers, you might need someone to turn it on and off or you might need someone to physically move the camera for another angle.


Photo credit [vetted]: Jennifer Nicole Fine Art