There’s no question that kids and weddings are always a sensitive topic. If you are someone who just can’t imagine having a little rugrat running around your wedding reception, then it’s safe to say you probably shouldn’t invite kids. 

When is it appropriate to NOT invite kids?

  • If you are not a fan of possible chaos, because you never know how a kid’s attitude is going to be
  • If your wedding is black tie,then the formal atmosphere is not kid friendly
  • If you have no kids in your family, then its more understandable that your friend’s kids aren’t invited  
  • If you have no kids in your bridal party no one is going to wonder why their kid wasn’t invited but the flower girl gets to be there

What age is considered “kid?”

Typically, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a kid. Sometimes, 16 and below, and sometimes 21 and below. It all just really depends on the formalness, as well as your youger guest’s ages. If you have a cousin who is 17 and the next youngest below him is 5, then you might want to make the cut off 16. Just pick a rule and stick to it!

What if I still want a flower girl or ring bearer? 

Let’s say you know you don’t want kids at your black tie reception, but you want your cute little nephew to walk down the aisle with a pillow for the tradition. The best way to handle that is to include the little ones in the ceremony, and then have their parents arrange to have them picked up before the reception.

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Photo: Bel Amour Photography