It’s always been a heated debate of whether or not kids should be included on wedding day. Maybe you have always been a kid person or there’s just too many kids in your life to imagine your wedding without them. 

When is it appropriate to include kids?

  • If you are easy going, because you never know what you are going to get with kids – a sweet little angel or a tantrum throwing devil
  • If you have a lot of kids in your family and don’t want to leave them out of the celebration
  • If you have a close relationship with the kids and want to remember them enjoying your special day with you
  • If you have kids in bridal party, then it makes sense to include them in all the festivities for the day

Is it okay to invite some kids and not all?

In short, the answer is yes. It is your wedding day and you can make (mostly!) any decision you want. If you have nieces and nephews you want to include, but not invite your coworker’s daughter because you aren’t very close with her that makes sense. However, just know it could become a sensitive issue because if your coworker sees other kids at the wedding, she may wonder why her child was excluded.

Do I need to decide right away if I invite kids?

Yes, a decision on whether to include kids should be made right away. It’s easiest to decide that as you build and finalize your guest list. That way from the start, you can let parents know so they have plenty of heads up to figure out childcare if they need. At the latest, you need to decide before invitations go out since that should indicate which household guests are invited.

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Photo: Jack Robert Photography