The passion for photography came out of a small gift from her grandfather for Abbie Blair. After receiving a DSLR camera from him, she started researching settings online. Next thing you know, Abbie was dropping out of cosmetology school to combine her passions of family and photography by launching Abbie Blair Photography (formerly Southernly Studios).


“Family is big to me and I know it is important to a lot of my brides as well,” said the self-professed beauty school dropout. “I want to give my couples images they can sit down with and look back on with their kids, and their grandkids. And that means pictures that never go out of style.”


Capturing real moments is what Abbie is all about.


“I would describe my style as joyful, romantic and genuine. I love capturing true emotion,” she said.


Which is easy to do for Abbie because she creates friendships with each of her clients.


“By the time wedding day comes around, we are truly best friends,” said Abbie. “I am super comfortable with them, and they are super comfortable with me. They are also comfortable in front of the camera because we have become such good friends.”


Abbie’s clients are often high school sweetheart or couples who have been together for a long time with a sweet love story. And if their wedding has a southern twist, then it’s an added bonus for the lover of all things southern.


“I love learning about their stories,” she said. “My couples hire me because I am so laid back and create friendships with them. And of course, because I provide them with beautiful images to look back on.”


Images that tell the story of the day is without a doubt the best part of being a wedding photographer for Abbie: 


“I love being a part of the biggest day of somebody’s life. It is an honor to be able to capture something that really is only happening once in a lifetime. It’s very humbling to be asked to capture those special moments.”


The technical challenges of shooting weddings is another highlight of being in the wedding industry for her.


“There are so many different types of photography going in to a wedding day,” she said. “There is portraits, candids, photo journalism. It’s so much fun for me.”


Her favorite parts of the day? The getting ready portion because of the excitement and anticipation; and the first look because she gets to see the groom’s face.


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