Abby of Abby Byrd Photography specializes in freezing a moment in time, while creating an experience that you will never forget. Her focus on making you feel at ease sets her apart and her gorgeous photos make her an easy choice for your wedding day. Read on to learn more…  


Bustld: What do you think makes you different in your field?

Abby:I focus on building relationships with my couples. As a vendor, we do a lot of weddings but for a lot of couples it’s a once in a lifetime experience. No matter how many years I do this, it’s more than a paycheck for me. It’s being a part of their journey. Photography started as an art passion for me. It dials back so far in my childhood. Couples can feel that from their vendors too. When you are passionate about something it translates in the work you do. Getting to know them makes them feel comfortable with you as the photographer. Being comfortable with the person behind the camera ultimately helps them feel relaxed on the wedding day.


Bustld: How would you describe your style and your ideal couple? 

Abby:When I first started, go through different venues and start to think about the style you love most. But the thing I redirected that to was the type of couples I was working with. In that case, it didn’t matter where we were. If it’s a couple who puts trust in you and values photography, it’s great relationship for both parties. Someone who can put a vision in someone else’s hands really helps them to relax in their photos. And I know it’s hard because it’s an important day for them. When they find someone that they can whole heartedly trust, those are the best couples to work with.


I’m definitely a natural light photographer so whenever I have outdoor weddings it’s so much fun to be outdoors and in the space. Especially with couples that have a venue that’s indicative of their style or something that spoke to their heart.


Bustld: Why do your clients hire you? 

Abby: Photographers especially are with the couple for a lot of the day. Their presence and attitude is felt and seen. It’s important you have a smile on your face and keep everyone calm. I think photographers can be the thermostat in the room. They can set temperature and needs to be a good one, needs to be positive.


I got a thank you note from a client and she said, “Thank you for you calm and confident presence on our wedding day, especially when the timeline got tight. I know it’s a super long day for you so thank you for being so positive through everything.”


It was a proud moment to know even if I’m stressing on the inside, she didn’t even feel it. Being a calm presence on a day that rushes so by so quickly, that’s one of the best things. I think that’s translated through my work and couples see that.


Bustld: What is the best part of being a wedding photographer?

Abby:This work is so important because it becomes more valuable and precious over time. It’s a gift to be able to leave a legacy as families grow and change as the years go by. To know that the work I’m doing goes beyond one day is the drive of why I do it.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Abby:I know it’s not every wedding day but first looks. There is a pattern of weddings – ceremony, reception, exit – but the thing that makes it different is that when a first look enters the situation because no first look is exactly the same. It gives the couple a chance to spend time together without a plan, always very candid. It’s a chance for me to stand back and watch that naturally unfold. It’s very organic. 


I’m always very supportive of couples who don’t want to do first looks. Always our jobs to educate them and share the positives of doing a first look, but no matter the look when they first see each other is the same sort of feeling. 


Bustld: Tell us your backstory, and the backstory of the business?

Abby: I’ve been full time with my business for 4 years. I got a big girl out of college, I started photography side hustle seven years ago. I knew photography was something I would pursue but being an entrepreneur was more daunting. I’m an artist at heart. I jumped in to working at a family newspaper as a sales rep. The reason I was successful at sales was because my clients were small business. I never tried to push them in to something they didn’t need, and they felt like they could trust me. I feel like that translates really well into couples.


I always had a disposable camera when I was younger. Thought that was so much fun to get those images back and look through with my friends. My mom used to take so many pictures during childhood. Always at my elementary school, volunteering to help with the yearbook pictures. If there is ever a tornado threat, family photo boxes will be the number one priority! What I didn’t know was I was soaking that in more than I realized.


In high school, my dad gave me his first film camera. Our school was the only one to offer film photography. I learned how to work the camera and produce an image. 


My dad moved us overseas to France for his job and all three of us took a lot of pictures. Influenced us capturing a time that we knew would be short. It became a family hobby.


I go to psychic fairs for fun and got a palm reading. She saw hummingbirds flying around me relating to my mom and how she has a lot of faith in me. Then I got married and my last name became Byrd. The motto behind my business has related to the meaning behind hummingbird, to hover in life’s moments and freeze a moment in time. 


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