There is no way doubt to it, weddings can sometimes be stressful. But finding your wedding dress shouldn’t be. At least, that’s what Alexa Clark, owner and manager of Mount Pleasant Bridal, believes (and we agree!).


“The atmosphere at our bridal boutique is very laid back. We aim to make finding a wedding dress an easy-going process,” she said. “We listen to what the brides are interested in, help them select different things to try on and make them feel comfortable.”


Feeling comfortable in the beautiful shop is easy from the second you arrive. For starters, you and your entourage will have the shop to yourself.


“We offer private appointments only. We have only one dressing room so the bride can relax and have the store to herself. Brides can try on as many dresses as they want and receive a personal one-on-one experience,” said Alexa.


From her past clients, she often hears it’s this personal experience and price point that make them stand out.


“We are a sample store, so everything is designer but at a discount. On average, most of our gowns are 30 percent less than what they retail for because they are discontinued styles,” said the shop owner. “Brides can try on the exact size they need and don’t have to worry about ordering a dress. Instead, if they find the dress they love, they can take it with them that day.”


Their dresses range from $500 to $2,000 (with an average price point of $1,000) and come in a wide variety of styles.


“We get a little bit of everything in the store. Personally, I try to get a lot of classic silhouettes with whimsical details, so we aren’t selling the same dress over and over again,” she said. 


The personal experience of a wedding is what made Alexa fall in love with weddings as a young girl. 


“I am the typical girl who has planned my wedding far in advance of getting engaged. Having an opportunity to be a part of that world and work with brides one-on-one is incredible,” she said. “I love hearing their love stories, what they are planning and what they are excited about. People talk about similar trends but when I see the pictures from wedding day, they are always so different because it’s such a personal experience.” 


And it doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by pretty things all day!


“I love everything about working in weddings! I never have to work with anyone who is having a bad day and I’m surrounded by beautiful things,” she exclaimed. 


She also loves that her business is a family one.


“The store started with my mom in Illinois. When I was in middle school, she opened a sample store that was less than 500 square feet. It has since grown quite a bit and now has three dressing rooms and tons of inventory,” she explained. 


Alexa’s exposure to weddings continued into her career, which began in hotel sales, on the wedding side. When her husband’s job moved her to Charleston, she knew she wanted to stay in the wedding world.


“When we moved, I got a job out of weddings and wasn’t happy. I talked with my mom and we decided to expand the brand. It’s where my passion is,” she described. “And I love that my family is involved. I talk to my mom all the time, my dad does things behind the scenes and my husband loves brainstorming marketing ideas.”


With family such a huge part of her life, it’s no surprise that her favorite wedding picture to see is the bride’s first look with her dad.


“The first look with my dad was really special for me so it pulls at my heart strings to see bride’s first looks with their dads. It’s such a different emotional experience than the groom,” she said.


It’s the emotions and love that Alexa can’t get enough of when it comes to weddings.


“Weddings are so personal and unique to the couple. They are the couple’s opportunity to really show who they are as a couple and introduce their style,” she said. “They are a big celebration of everything happy – new love, new beginnings. And they are a tradition that stands the test of time. No matter what is going on in the world, love is happening and that’s is beautiful.”


We couldn’t agree more!


Still looking for “the” dress for your wedding day? Contact Mount Pleasant Bridal HERE today to set up your private appointment.