There is a reason Charleston Catering Group has been voted Charleston’s Best Food Truck every year since their inception in 2010. From their farm-to-table food approach to the heart that makes up the business, you will be dreaming of their food for many meals to come.

“I would describe our food as very unique with lots of bold flavors. It’s delicious, exciting, fun and colorful,” said co-owner Alton Ankersen. “We love working with people who love food as much as us.”

Their clients often want to design a bold meal that will stand out – and that’s what they do best.

“We are different in that we create unique menus for each client. While we have a base menu, we can adapt it to any dietary or religious restrictions and incorporate unique personalities,” she said.

Founder Cory Burke started the company as a food truck, and together with the help of new partners, Chef Cameron Wetzler and Alton, in 2016, they’ve elevated the experience. 

“The company has grown so much over the past eight years. We’ve moved more into the wedding circuit, which makes sense. Our food is just so beautiful that it deserves to be at a beautiful event,” said Alton.

In addition to pretty food, the company also concentrates on fresh, local ingredients. 

“We are very focused on having fun with the food and using local, sustainable foods – everything from vegetables to fish, and beef to pork. We really pride ourselves on being local, and our clients also care about supporting the local economy,” she said.

You can expect an ever-changing menu based on what’s fresh and seasonal. And Alton’s Cajun influence is often seen in those menus. Before moving from New Orleans to be closer to family, she worked at Boucherie, an upscale restaurant focused on sustainable food, and Domenica, an Italian restaurant with Cajun flair.

“I’ve cooked at a lot of restaurants and learned a lot, as well,” she said. “New Orleans is even more of a melting pot, so I learned all kinds of different foods.”

In her current role, Alton helps with everything from cooking to organizing the catering side of things. She is on-site to make sure the food goes to the right places, is plated and served properly. 

But her favorite part of every event is the food (which is no surprise based on the passion!).

“Growing up here in Charleston, food was a huge focal point. We were always surrounded by food,” said Alton. “Our clients are obviously looking for something to bring the whole family together. Being with family and friends over food is one of my most treasured moments.”

So it’s no surprise what Alton’s favorite wedding day moment is:

“When everybody is super excited about food. When they see the food out or when the plates all come down. I love the gathering and how happy everybody is,” she said.

After all, the love of food, fun and community is what drives this team.

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