Stylish, romantic and adventurous are the words that describe both Amy Fullam Ortiz’s style and the types of clients who are attracted to Wonderlove Weddings, which is no surprise for the photographer who previously worked in the world of fashion.

“My first interest in photography was fashion and travel,” said Amy. “Initially, I didn’t want to be a wedding photographer which now just seems silly because I love it so much.”

Once she had the chance to experience the emotions a wedding brings, she was hooked.

“I get very attached. I love the emotion that weddings bring as opposed to other genres of photography. Fashion is beautiful but it doesn’t have an emotional aspect to it. It makes me feel really good when people love their pictures because it’s something they can carry with them forever,” Amy said.

However, her experience in fashion and travel photography is instrumental in the way Amy approaches a wedding day.

“Weddings absorb fashion and travel in a way,” she explained. “I can bring a fashion element to my brides who are all very stylish.”

While Amy loves working with fellow creatives who don’t feel weird showing affection in front of the camera, she also understands that’s not always the case. After all, she doesn’t even feel comfortable in front of the camera! 

“I am just excited to capture romantic pictures and a lot of emotion,” she described.

Amy’s editing style is something that she has worked to perfect to help her stand out.

“Everyone tells me they like the colors in my pictures. They are bright but not that super bright wedding photography that has everything in light colors and pinks. It’s a lot of greens and blues,” said the photographer. “I like playing around with whatever the mood and weather of the day is, too, to really capture the day’s feel.”

While style is a big component of why couples hire Amy, her energy is also infectious.

“I think people feel comfortable around me,” she said. “I let couples do their own thing and don’t bother them. Towards the end of their session, I might guide them into some gentle poses. I balance photojournalism with getting the stylized photos they have seen on Pinterest.”

That comfort level also comes with confidence, in Amy’s experience. 

“I got my first professional camera when I graduated high school. I took my camera everywhere and did a lot of traveling,” told Amy. “One year after college graduation I went to photography school in Atlanta and decided I wanted to pursue photography as a career.”

A couple years later, Amy decided she wanted to focus on wedding photography.

“My first full wedding was pretty big, and it is still one of my favorite wedding I have done,” she said. “I enjoyed it so much more than I expected. It felt like a natural progression.”

Amy also still owns a fashion and travel photography company but created Wonderlove almost two years ago to specifically focus on weddings. Around the same time, she also moved back to her hometown of Asheville. 

The photographer, who just got married herself during a giant snow storm in December, is a hopeless romantic so it was only a matter of time before she found herself in the world of love.

“I started taking wedding pictures for people I knew and that got me really attached to the process. I noticed that even when I took pictures of people I didn’t know, that feeling still carried over,” she said. “It just makes me happy. I love beautiful things and weddings.”

And while every celebration is beautiful, there is one moment that always sticks with Amy.

“When the bride and groom who don’t do a first look first see each other at the ceremony is my favorite moment,” she said. “After they are married, and they walk down the aisle I try to follow them because there is always a moment of pure joy. The couple is by themselves and celebrating; I love to capture that.”

At the end of the day, for Amy, it’s all about celebrating with people and being a part of their story. 

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