A career where she gets to work with people on the happiest day of their lives is a full 360 from Amy Kolodziej’s previous career in criminal justice. But her bubbly personality and passion for what she does makes us think she was meant to be in weddings all along.


Sunshower Photography was born in 2012 when Amy took the leap from dealing with homicides and felony drugs in the court system to doing what her grandmother had always envisioned for her. 


“Before I even knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer, my grandmother gave me my first digital camera for my wedding,” said the photographer who has a master’s degree in criminial justice. “She wrote in the card that I should always capture the love I see. I realize now that she was the person who told me what I should be. We lost her a year and a half ago and now it means even more to me.”


While she isn’t still shooting with that same camera, her passion for capturing the love she sees is still there.


“I think what makes me stand out is that I try to treat people like gold throughout the process. I’m not just concerned about making beautiful pictures; I want to make them feel like it’s the best day of their lives,” she said.


And that’s not just the bride and groom. She also does everything she can to make sure the guests know she is on their side.


“You will never see me elbowing someone out of the way for a picture,” said Amy. “I’m going to get the picture no matter what. I want the people my couple has invited to spend their wedding with to know I care about them too.”


Amy’s clients, who tend to be young professionals who are opinionated but trusting, hire her because they enjoy her presence in addition to her photos.


“I consider my style classic and natural,” she said. “I always tell people that every image is edited but not over edited. I want them to be able to really picture their day the same way they saw it on their wedding day with just a little polish on it.”


Getting to know her clients gives Amy the opportunity to experience all of the emotions of the wedding, every weekend. 


“I love that I get to see the bride before the groom does. I get excited because I know he is going to lose it when he sees her,” Amy said. “You think about the fact that this couple will remember you for the rest of their lives and hopefully I will make them smile every time they look at their pictures.”


She is truly a little part of a story that’s bigger than her, and she loves being behind the scenes. It’s no surprise then that Amy’s favorite moment is when the couple sees each other for the first time at either a first look (her favorite!) or the end of the aisle. 


“When he sees her, even if he isn’t a super emotional guy, the anticipation is there,” she said. “After the first look or ceremony everyone can breath.”

But Amy isn’t just there for her couples on wedding day.


“I put a lot in to each client and being there for them before the wedding,” said the photographer who still cries at every wedding. “I take the time to get to know them both and answer any type of question they have.”


Amy wants her clients to know this isn’t just a paycheck to her. With a family at home, Amy often misses soccer games and dance recitals but to her it’s more than worth it. 


“I feel really strongly in loving what you do,” she said. “To me, it’s totally worth it to invest myself in somebody else’s life to be there for their biggest day, even if it means sometimes missing moments of my own.” 


And we are glad she does because her photographs make us swoon every time we see them!


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