Realizing their passion to tell stories in any form is what pushed Andrea and Joseph Sides to create Connection Photography 10 years ago. Their love for emotion, being surrounded by great people and, well, love, translates seamlessly in to romantic, creative photos that captivate. 


“Our clients are fun, adventurous and outdoorsy. They are willing to go to great places to take great photos,” said Andrea. “Even if they get married in an upscale country club they are laid back and open to trying unique spots for creative photos.” 


Capturing raw moments in unique places is something else the couple, who has a photojournalistic approach to shooting, loves.


“We love creative, eccentric weddings. Things we’ve never done or places we’ve never been,” they said. “No matter where we are shooting though, we always take way too many pictures!” 


The husband-wife team, who randomly met at a beach bar, say they feed off of their couple’s energy.


“Engagement sessions are our favorite aspect of shooting weddings,” said Andrea. “We get to feel the couple’s personality before the wedding. They get to know us, feel comfortable around us and trust us during the session. We want our clients to enjoy their day which they will do so more if they like us.”


And liking the duo is why so many couples choose to book with them.


“The biggest feedback we get from couples is they enjoy being around us,” said Joseph. “We like to hug and kiss on each other to help our couples feel more comfortable during the sessions. And it helps that Andrea is a super model in front of the camera!”


In addition to feeling relaxed around them, the pair is more than just photographers on your wedding day which is comforting to hear as a soon-to-be bride or groom.


“I’ve fixed hair and remade dresses. Anything to help the day run smoother and be as fun as possible,” said Andrea. “We are a part of your team of vendors that wants nothing more than a smooth day. Our laid back approach means you don’t have to be worried about stressing out.”


It’s this approach to wedding day that really helps Connection Photography to stand out.


“It helps that we are a husband-wife team and have been shooting weddings for 10 years. I also think it’s helpful that we are male and female because we see things differently. I’m really great at the bigger picture and technical details, while Andrea sees all the finer details,” said Joseph.


The couple who says they are “young at heart” have traveled a lot and captured so many different memories in people’s lives all over the country.


“We love meeting new people and watching their families grow. We’ve shot multiple family’s weddings and have become a part of their families,” said Andrea. “Seeing the most important day of people’s lives makes us step back and truly appreciate that our job is both meaningful and a massive responsibility.”


Those relationships are the best thing about the business said the two who even became godparents to the baby of one of their 2011 couples!


“Capturing those special moments you can’t recreate is why we love weddings,” they said. “Because we shoot digital and video we can capture raw moments on the fly and very quickly. As time has passed, we’ve realized those raw moments are the most meaningful ones.”


The company currently offers both photography and videography services which fits in perfectly with their flexible approach to wedding day.


“Our videos are edgy, upbeat, cutting edge highlight films that are more like a music video of your day,” said Joseph. “We use a drone for both photography and videography which has become a really cool part of showing the couple’s story throughout the day.”


For the two who have captured more than 350 weddings, you can imagine they’ve seen lots of amazing moments on wedding day but of course they do have their favorites.


Andrea said, “I love the time we spend with the bride and groom for couple photos because those are the pictures they are going to care about later and frame.”


“For me, I love the moment when they come back down the aisle after being married,” said Joseph. “I love the smiles and joy. They just kiss, and hug, and love on each other. It’s that raw moment of love.”


Working together with your husband or wife always has its ups and downs but these two say they wouldn’t have it any other way.


“Andrea is the firecracker and I reign us back in,” said Joseph. “We are very fortunate that we get to work together. It can be difficult but at the same time it is the most valuable thing to us. Our brains don’t work without each other any more.”


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