The vivacious personality behind Rose Trail Images, Audrey Priel, never dreamt of becoming a photographer, let alone a wedding photographer. But when the opportunity arose for her to second shoot a wedding, she figured why not give it a try. Only a few minutes in and she was hooked. 


“My favorite part of being in the wedding industry is getting to know my couples,” said Audrey. “But not just the couples, I love meeting their friends and family too; seeing where my couples come from and understanding what makes them tick. I also like to dance and shake my groove thing… yes sometimes I help the DJ demonstrate how to do dance moves! I’m super lucky to have a job that allows me to have fun and capture memories for people at the same time.”


Audrey’s passion for photography started when she was young, shooting rolls and rolls of film of her stuffed animals posed on her dresser and herself in the mirror (the original selfie!).


Today, the photographer who is constantly laughing (and hiccupping – she’s hiccupped once every 10 minutes since she was 14), spends the time getting to know her couples so that by the end they aren’t clients but friends. She instantly clicks with laid-back couples who aren’t super fussy. Audrey says, “Couples who want their wedding to be amazing, simply because they are so in love, makes my heart sing.” 


Her positive, happy personality is reflected in her work:


“If it’s a pose that looks like something you wouldn’t do in real life, why would I take a picture of it,” said the former special education teacher. “A lot of times couples hire me for an engagement session and we have so much fun, laughing and playing silly games to achieve those natural photos. And that’s how I become their forever photographer.”


She feels truly blessed to work with amazing people – from her couples to their families. But her favorite moment of wedding day is when she is alone with the couple taking their portraits because she can allow them to finally breathe, take it all in and think about what just happened.


This sports fan (who is addicted to the Red Sox and Patriots… she has two boys and a sports-loving husband for a reason!), knows that when couples hire her they are going to have fun.


“I love the fact that people pay me to do this,” said Audrey. “They are feeding in to my habit… I love my job!” 


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