Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress can often feel like an overwhelming wedding to-do, but with Bella Bridesmaids Charleston, that task becomes simple. Lissie Summer, the store's lead stylist, and Alex Moring, the showroom manager, have extensive experience helping brides find the “perfect” dresses that match their style, while also appealing to their ‘maids.

“We are the largest brick and mortar bridesmaid dress company across the country. We have been doing this together for four years, but Bella has been doing this for more than 15 years, so we’ve got it down pat,” the duo said.

With more than 55 stores across the country, brides and bridesmaids have the convenience of having an in-store experience, no matter where they live.

“The list of Bella locations is one of the best parts of Bella. Bella bridesmaids can go to any store, try on the dresses, get measured by a stylist and then order online,” Lissie and Alex explained. 

And while the local process is convenient for your ‘maids, all of the dresses are ordered through the store the bride registered with to ensure consistency.

“Once the bridesmaid has submitted her order, all of the dresses go through the store the bride registered at, so they are in the same dye lot of they are doing the same color,” said Alex. 

Lissie added, “I also tell our brides this helps prevent any stragglers!” 

Each store offers a slightly different selection of designers and styles in-house but with such an established company, Bella can truly offer a dress for everyone.

“We have something for everybody price wise, style wise and color wise,” Lissie and Alex said. “We have literally helped to select dresses for every style and every type of person whether that’s 21 bridesmaids, a groomswoman, a flower girl, a mother of the bride or a woman who is addicted to pretty dresses – like us!”

That addiction to pretty dresses is how the two fell into the wedding industry. The previous Bella Bridesmaids Charleston owner was moving from a smaller location to a larger store and sent out an email about hiring. Lissie, who was a Bella bride, had recently gotten married and moved to Charleston.

“I was looking for a job and this fell into my lap. I wanted a job I could really enjoy. I had done the 9-5 thing and I hated it. I was tired of being cranky after work,” she said.

Alex was forwarded the email from a friend who had been a Bella bride and jumped at the opportunity.

“I was about to start my freshman year of college and wanted a big girl job downtown,” she said.

They started the same week at the store four years ago and their passion for the industry grew from there.

“It sounds really obvious but the moment we live for is during an appointment when the bride says, ‘This is the dress, we are done. Let’s go get brunch!’ She is so sure and happy to be done with what is one of the hardest parts of planning,” said Lissie.

“Even though we are strong believers the bride should get the bridesmaid dress she wants, you still have to consider each bridesmaid’s shape, size and skin tone. You want them to look pretty too,” said Alex.

That’s exactly what Lissie and Alex clients do in their appointments.

“There is something about physically coming into a store, touching the dresses, putting them on, feeling the fabrics and putting all the colors together,” said Alex. 

“Alex is the palette queen. She helps you to see all the mismatched colors come together before the wedding day, when it’s too late,” Lissie chimed in. 

Each dress is made to order, so all the colors flow seamlessly.

“The dresses are not sitting a warehouse waiting for someone to love them. They are bolts of fabric right now. That way they are all cut from the same dye lot when we do place the big order with the designer,” said Lissie. 

And while the dresses aren’t made to measure, the team at Bella can help each bridesmaid find a local tailor for their alterations.

“People don’t realize how much they are saving by not doing in-house alterations,” they exclaimed.

From helping to choose the perfect bridesmaid combo, to delivering the dresses that match your aesthetic perfectly, Lissie and Alex are your go-to gals for dressing your ‘maids!

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