While Bergen Lauren’s sense of style is timeless and elegant, her work is always reflective of the couples she works with (it’s what’s most important to her!). And it’s her collaborative process that leaves couples feeling confident they are going to end up with something beautiful. Read on to learn more in this week’s Know Your Pro…


Bustld: What do you think makes you different in your field?

Bergen: I think the biggest thing is the relationships I am able to build with my clients. I remember planning my wedding, being so excited, but also the many details that needed to be put together to bring it to life. I want to bring the people I work with that same joy and excitement while making that time stress-free by being an expert resource and answering questions I anticipate before they even ask. Valuing them as people and individuals and getting to know their personalities. With custom work there’s a level of personalization in the design process that you just don’t get buying off a website. Ultimately, bringing designs that reflect each couple’s personalities and wedding style to life.


Bustld: How would you describe your style and target client?

Bergen: The biggest things that inspire me come from nature. I love being outside. I’m always one to stop and smell the flowers. First and foremost, the thing that comes into my stationary is an organic element. From there, I pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. I’ve always loved history so inspiration from 18th Century French architecture to modern day fashion design. I’m a painter so I love inspiration from art. My style condensed into words is timeless elegance and reflecting the couple above all else.


I love the collaborative process of custom design work. It’s back and forth, give and take. I think it’s nice if someone comes in with a resemblance of an idea, but I also like working with someone who is also open to new ideas and excited about the evolution of the process. That’s so much fun. I love getting to look back and see where they started and where they ended up in the end. Sometimes it’s a several month process, depending on the couple.


Bustld: Why do your clients hire you? 

Bergen: I think ultimately it comes down to personalized experience and the value. Being custom, generally, I want it to feel like a luxurious experience while providing exceptional value overall. Stationary is a relatively small piece but I want it to be the bold first impression about the day while still being something that is reasonable for them to purchase. I try to work with printers and vendors to find really good value while still delivering a showstopping product.


Bustld: What is the best part of being a wedding stationary designer? 

Bergen: Honestly, getting to know the hearts of the people I work with. The most rewarding thing is getting to hear that this was their favorite part of wedding planning. That makes me so excited, because there are so many parts, so if I can make this process enjoyable, that is the ultimate joy for me.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Bergen: For me, as a stationary designer, I love getting to see my couple’s photo from wedding day and see the joy in there. And if there’s a flat lay of the stationary, knowing I had a little piece of that makes me so happy. As a guest, I love to see the look on the couple’s face as they come down the aisle and see all the love there.


Bustld: Tell us your business backstory.

Bergen: I have been doing this for five years, it grew very organically. I’ve always been a painter and the first person I worked with was my cousin getting married and knowing I did artwork she asked if I would design her invitations. Once I did that, it grew mostly through word of mouth and it’s been really nice now to be able to be something that runs smoothly. My early projects look like I had absolutely no idea about paper and design, so it’s fun to see how its grown.


Bustld: Why weddings?

Bergen: I still do custom paintings and collections but with weddings, I fell in love with the couples I got to work with. It’s so much fun to be even such a tiny piece of such a monumental day. I like the challenge of bringing their personality into their stationary. As well as, getting to enjoy and relish in their excitement of planning something so special. I studied journalism and history in college but always thought of art more of a hobby and it’s been so exciting for my art to grow into a business and realize that I can do something that makes me so happy every day and doesn’t just have to be a side hobby.


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