It started as a search for the perfect Elmo cake for her son’s second birthday. Next thing you know, 20 years later, Beth Williams is the guru (and owner) behind the gorgeous cakes from Wicked Sweet Cakes.


“I only started baking cakes because I wanted an Elmo birthday cake for my sons’ second birthday that wasn’t just a sheet cake with figurines,” said Beth. “I wanted to find an artist.”


Next thing you know, her mom brought her a Wilton cake decorating book and she was creating the perfect birthday cake for her son. From there, she started making cakes for other kid’s birthday parties until her husband pushed her to actually make her passion in to a business. From there, she grew in to creating wedding cakes (or masterpieces really!) that she has focused on exclusively since 2003.


“I didn’t have a lot to do with planning my own wedding. I just kind of showed up,” said Beth. “I feel like today’s generation of couples are doing it right, stepping away from tradition and planning exactly what they want.”


And that’s why Beth is so flexible in her approach to designing cakes. 


“I know couples are trying to fit everything in, on a budget,” she said. “I am extremely personable but also realistic with my couples. If you having 200 guests, that doesn’t mean you need 200 servings of cake. During our tasting, I bring samples to the couple to taste then sit down to talk and make myself available to figure out the logistics.”


But before you even get to experience Beth’s warm personality, you will be stunned by the beauty of her cakes.


“I try to be a bit more bespoke in my approach to cake baking,” she said. “I want each couple to have exactly what they want. It’s more of an experience – we sit, taste, talk ideas then sketch something unique to them.”


Beth’s style spans everything from the more traditional cake to the unique, funky cake. 


“I prefer sleek, modern, organic and more architectural style cakes,” she said. “I love to create unique things or throw some color in there. My goal is to get each couple excited about their cake and make it a reflection of them. And I want each couple to feel like their cake is the only one I am doing.”


And on your wedding day, it will be the only cake she is working on and delivering.


“I do one delivery per weekend day because I want that day to be about their cake. I can easily fit in to a planner’s timeline. I’m a small business but I’m purposeful in everything I do,” said Beth.


A great example of this is the cake safe delivery program Beth has invested in. The program allows her to assemble the cake at the bakery then transport it safely to the venue, ensuring it looks it’s best upon arrival.


“When I get on-site, I treat my cakes like they are a kitten; I don’t want anything to happen to it,” she said. “After the cake is set, I step back and love taking pictures of it. I always have this moment where I don’t want to leave because I want to watch it get served.”


It doesn’t happen often, but her favorite moment on wedding day is when she gets to see the bride’s reaction to the finished product.


“Once in a while the bride is getting ready on-site and she will come out for pictures. When she sees the cake for the first time it always makes me so happy,” she said. 


For the adventurous couples Beth works with, it’s all about their personality translated into something sweet. 


“And before you know it, I get an email saying the couple is ready for their [complimentary] anniversary tier,” said the baker. “Every time, I can’t believe another year has passed! I love being a part of that happiness from wedding day to a year later.”


Still searching for your perfect cake baker? Contact Beth at Wicked Sweet Cakes by clicking HERE.