Believe the hype – Bunn DJ Company is as incredible as you’ve heard. Their team’s ability to blend a high level of professionalism with fun is what really sets them apart. Not only are they focused on rocking the dance floor but they are just as focused on customer service. And Brandon Alley is the man behind the brand in Charlotte.

This former fabric designer, who created lines for two fashion shows and worked as a pattern designer for a wall covering company for high-end hotels and casinos, says Bunn DJ’s style is classy but fun.

“Anybody that says the dance floor is their favorite part of a wedding is someone we want to work with,” says Brandon. “From disco and classic rock to today’s pop and hip-hop music, we love playing music that makes everybody want to dance.”

Their couples hire them because they want to worry about as little as possible – and that includes knowing their DJ will play music that will get people on the dance floor.

“We start observing guests as soon as they walk in the door, reading the book by its cover a little bit, to get an idea of what kind of music is going to work. A lot of times, people surprise you though so during cocktail hour and dinner, we are paying close attention to what people are grooving to. While it’s not really dance music yet, I like to see what songs are resonating with guests. Once we start the dancing portion of the reception, we use this knowledge to read the room.  And of course, I have my go to stash of songs that I know will work like ‘This is How We Do It,’ ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody,’ and about anything by Bruno Mars.”

But Brandon lives for the moment when he plays “just the right song.”

“That moment when you get an audible response from the crowd. You drop a song that no one is expecting. If you mix it in right, they may not even know what it is at first, but then you hear ‘ahhhh’ spread through the crowd. I try to get as many of those as I can throughout the night.”

Being a part of such a memorable day and seeing friends and family interact who haven’t seen each other in a long time is one of his favorite parts about weddings. And he gets to be the guy making sure everybody has fun.

“Getting paid to know about music and educate myself on music is pretty cool,” he says. “Almost every wedding, someone will request something I haven’t heard of so it gives me a chance to learn about artists I would have never found otherwise. There is so much music out there. Before I started DJ-ing, I always had my favorite albums in rotation.  Now I make a conscious effort to listen to a little bit of everything so I can stay up-to-date.”

And up-to-date he is – he checks out the Billboard charts all the time and watches tons of music videos on Vevo so he can constantly build playlists filled with new artists and songs.

While he loves playing all types of music, he personally loves listening to danceable R&B, hip hop, and 80’s/90’s pop hits which is no surprise for the guy who writes raps and produces music in his free time. He even once starred in a short film for the 48 Hour Film Project. His team’s assignment was to produce a sci-fi musical. With only 48 hours to complete the challenge, they created the “Space Rocks” lyrics and music video.  

But you’ll never find Brandon rapping on your wedding day.

“What sets us apart is how serious we take weddings,” he says. “As a company, we do more than 600 weddings a year so this is our focus. “We spend a lot of time making sure the day will go right. This means doing prep work like visiting venues, looking at floor plans and getting in touch with the vendor team. And our couples can count on top-notch customer service including a response time within 24 hours. We only hire experienced DJs that fit a certain mold – they have to be professional, able to communicate and prompt.”

With Brandon and his team at the helm of your Charlotte wedding entertainment needs, your wedding is sure to be one that people are talking about for many years to come.

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