As the “hype” gal at every wedding, Brianne of Brianne Hultzman Photography brings an energetic approach to making you feel at ease. Paired with her unique glowy style, she is the perfect addition to your wedding dream team. Read on to learn more…


Bustld: What do you think makes you different as a photographer?

Brianne: I am super energetic and always excited and bubbly. I’m literally jumping around and always dancing. A lot of brides call me “hype.” I’m a very energetic person.


Bustld: How would you describe your style?

Brianne: Bright and airy for sure. I love that glowiness when everything is bright.


Bustld: What is your typical client like?

Brianne: Very laid back, Southern bride who really just wants to have a blast at their wedding. They know how stressful wedding planning can be and want to make it stress free. That’s where I come in. I make a detailed timeline, send out questionnaires and reach out to vendors to make a relationship with them so that everyone is on the same page. I’m like a part-time planner. I love being involved with the wedding and help them out as much I can.


Bustld: Why do you think your clients hire you? 

Brianne: I think first of all, they are drawn to me because of my bright and airy style. I know a lot of photographers are either light and airy or dark and moody but I have a very specific style of my own. Once they get to know me, they are like, “This girl is a blast and a glass.” They love working with me.


Bustld: What is the best part of being a wedding photographer?

Brianne: Honestly, the fact that these people are trusting me with their images that they are going to literally have the rest of their life. That’s the best part. They are so invested, and they trust what I am doing. Watching their love story unfold right in front of you is the sweetest thing ever, especially during a first look and daddy-daughter dance. I’m literally bawling behind my camera. It’s so wonderful to be a part of somebody’s big day.


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Brianne: First looks, hands down. I think first looks are amazing because they put the couple completely at ease. Once they see each other they can feel a little bit more comfortable when they are walking down the aisle. My favorite part is that raw emotion of when they are seeing each other for the first time.


Bustld: Tell us your backstory.

Brianne:  When I started my business, I did everything. I wanted to first navigate how to use my camera that my husband bought me in college, so I did free sessions. At my sister-in-law’s wedding I realized I could be a 300 times better photographer than they had hired. From there I was like this it and made it my thing.


I’ve been doing wedding photography for two years. I went solely wedding photography and boudoir then I realized I still wanted to do portraits. Now I specialize in couple portraits and weddings. Weddings have this part in my heart, I just love it so much. I’m truly obsessed.


Bustld: Anything else our readers should know about you?

Brianne: I’m pretty hype and pretty fun to hang out with. I’m super passionate about weddings; they are totally my jam. I see myself doing this the rest of my life. It’s amazing to be a part of that day. I love it!


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