It was in Brittany Sisk’s blood to become a wedding photographer. After all, wedding photography was a family business for generations. Her childhood home had walls lined with photographs and overflowing boxes of even more photos.  


But Brittany never even considered becoming an artist would be an avenue to success until after graduate school.


“After graduation, I realized I didn’t want to do what I had studied but I wanted to be an artist instead,” she said. “I put all my eggs in one basket 10 years ago and decided to do this thing. I got a mentor and joined a few professional organizations to learn about photography as a business. And I never looked back.”


Her natural eye for photographing people and love of the art made pursuing her passion an easy decision.


“I like pretty decorations and pretty brides, and I love love,” said the music lover and beer snob. “It’s all about emotions and the way people relate to each other, and I can’t get enough of it.”


Of course the cake and the dancing aren’t bad perks either.


“I sometimes mentor other photographers who want to get in to the wedding industry and will let them second shoot with me. I tell them to eat the cake, dance at the wedding and laugh with the guests. What’s the point if you aren’t going to enjoy it,” she said.


Brittany’s sense of humor and uncanny ability to make her couples feel at ease translates on camera to gorgeous photos.


“It’s nervewracking to be in front of a camera. You need somebody who is going to make you feel comfortable and confident,” Brittany said.


Her personality attracts couples that will vibe well with her which only makes her job easier.


“I like people who are funny, adventurous and like to go their own way,” said the single mom to Noah. “If you aren’t feeling like cutting the cake and say, ‘yeah, I’m not doing that,” then you are my type of couple. I like it when you don’t feel the pressure to conform to the traditions of a wedding so you make it your own. Couples who think out of the box and do fun, unique stuff on their wedding day.”


Stylewise, Brittany tries to walk the line between dramatic picturesque portraits and close emotional portraits. But she also values the necessity of photojournalistic documentation of the day.


“The things that are the most important are photographs of the old people and the little people,” she said. “I’ve also noticed the relationship between the bride and the groom and their parents has also become even more important to me after losing my parents this year.” 


But nothing makes Brittany happier than that moment after the bride and groom have been announced, kissed and everyone is cheering for them.


“The look on their faces at that very moment is so pure. They can’t hide or reign in their emotions. Whether it is overjoyed elation or more subdued, it’s so sweet,” said the photographer who once spent a summer shooting weddings in Ireland.


Even on days when it’s stressful, Brittany feels lucky that she gets to do something she loves every day:


“I could be sitting in a cubicle somewhere filing papers. Instead I am doing something awesome, fun and creative.” 


From engagement sessions to weddings, maternity shoots to family portraits, Brittany loves photographing the dynamics of individuals and those they love.


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