As a videographer that makes you feel like a superhero for the day, Caleb Maglott of Compass Films goes above and beyond for each of his couples. His cinematic, documentary style lets the natural beauty of each couple and day tell the story. 


Bustld: What do you think makes you different in your field?

Caleb: I make things pretty personal and like to connect with people and make them feel like superheroes, like it’s their best day. I’m intentional about complimenting and being nice not just to the bride and groom but to vendors and everyone at the wedding. I have a passion for what I do and getting to be with people on best day of their life. I don’t take it for granted, I’m honored to be at every wedding I am at. I also try to provide quality at an affordable rate and bridge the gap between affordability and quality. 


Bustld: How would you describe your style and ideal couple? 

Caleb: My style is cinematic documentary style. I like to document in a cinematic way, and I like to keep a documentary feel and let natural beauty of bride and groom and location tell the story. My couples have a mostly classic and traditional style. 


Bustld: Why do your clients hire you? 

Caleb: Our couples love our work and that’s something they want on their wedding day. We also fall into a lot of people’s price range. Also, the way I connect with people. Emulating that personal touch. 


Bustld: What is the best part of being a videographer? 

Caleb: Being able to hang out with bride and groom on wedding day. It’s always such a blast. Everyone is always in good spirits. Also, being able to meet new people and become a part of the family for the day is so special. 


Bustld: What's your favorite moment on wedding day?

Caleb: It’s not one single moment, but the time when we have the couple portraits and watch them interact and share in the joy and excitement of the day. 


Bustld: How long have you been in business? What is your business back story? Why weddings?

Caleb: I started seven years ago. When I first got married, we didn’t have a lot in common as far as hobbies go. We both liked videography and could connect doing it. So, our friends who did wedding photography introduced us to weddings. Two years ago, I quit full-time consulting to do weddings full-time. We are mostly a family business. It’s my wife and I, and we sometimes have other family members who work for us. We don’t ever send anyone we don’t 100 percent trust to represent us in character and quality of work they provide. 


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