Working closely with clients to bring their culinary vision to life, the California Fresh Catering team is devoted to both incredible food and impressive service. What’s more, the team is also focused on giving back.


“We give all of our profits to a charitable foundation, so not only do we have delicious food and top-notch service, we are also supporting charitable work at the same time,” said Julie Lauwers, the manager of California Fresh Catering.


That passion for people has helped to create an incredible reputation for the company across the Triad region. Couples love the food and selection, along with their attention to detail. 


“We are genuinely interested in our couples as people. We enjoy building relationships and getting to know them so we can anticipate their needs. It’s never ‘just another wedding’ to us,” said Julie.  


Getting to be a part of people’s special life moments is something the entire team is passionate about. 


“Our team truly believes it’s a privilege to be behind the scenes helping things go smoothly,” explained Julie. “It is our joy to be able to help our couples relax, knowing we are there to serve them and their guests.”


California Fresh Catering has been serving clients for almost 20 years. It all began as an innovative way of supporting non-profits when the company opened as a restaurant, almost exclusively operated by volunteers. It quickly became one of Winston Salem’s most popular dining spots. 


A few years into the business, they began venturing into small scale catering. That arm of the business quickly grew, and 12 years ago, they shut down their still popular restaurant to focus exclusively on off-site catering. They have since shifted to primarily paid staff, although their leadership and some servers are still volunteers. And no, none of them are from California! 


“We have a super team. It’s all about we, not any one individual. We couldn’t do what we do without the team effort,” said Julie. “We focus on being truly supportive and caring for one another. It’s an integral part of who we are and how we operate. We’re like a big family who shares the same goal of serving our clients.”


And while weddings were never in the original plan, it was a natural transition for the team who is so focused on people. 

“For many people, their wedding is one of the few, if not only, times in their lives they will hire a caterer or plan a large event. It is a big deal, and we are especially grateful that we get to be there to support couples during what can be a very intense and sometimes stressful time,” said Julie. “It’s nice to really listen to them, help create what they are looking for and then be able to say to them, ‘you’ve got this, and we’ve got your back!’”

For this team, nothing beats witnessing joyful couple intros to their adoring family and friends, a touching first dance or toast, and when a couple thanks the on-site team for taking good care of them. After all, that’s what this team lives for! 

Still looking for a caterer for your wedding day? Contact the team at California Fresh Catering by clicking HERE.