Three unique spaces, each with a blank canvas, is why Caroline Placey, the event logistics coordinator at All Saints Chapel, The Stockroom 230 and The Glass Box, loves her job. Each space has a totally different look but they all share a really cool, downtown vibe. And each is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh really gives their venues that “extra oomph.”


“We are right in the middle of everything,” says Caroline. “While each venue has a historical aspect, they have all been renovated to bring in the new, creating a nice blend of historic and modern.”


When a couple walks into the space, they can truly make it their own:


“We love it when couples go all out and put their own spin on the space,” says Caroline. “But we also love it when couples don’t do a lot and truly let the venue speak for itself.”


The best part of working at three venues? “It offers me a lot of variety, moving from location to location and seeing how each space it utilized,” she said. “I love the industrial look of the Stockroom, the modern look of The Glass Box and the historical look of All Saints. It’s cool to be a part of such a unique suite of venues.”


The only restriction they have on vendors is catering (and even that is an extensive list) so couples can truly customize the space.


Caroline started in the event world in college as an intern for a planner and then managing a venue. But, the criminology major never intended to work in events. While she had planned to pursue a job as a profiler post-graduation, that internship quickly grew into a career she loved.


“What I love most about weddings is it’s a one-time event for the client,” says Caroline, who is deaf in her right ear (she got a Cochlear implant two years ago and says it’s been great!). “Every wedding is made up of the same aspects but each event is so unique to the personalities of the couple.”


The coordinator who grew up overseas and moved to the U.S. at the age of 16 loves that moment on wedding day right before the bride walks down the aisle because there are a couple seconds of complete peace felt by everyone as everyone holds their breath in anticipation of what’s to come. She also loves the adrenaline rush she feels in those few seconds before the flip begins and they transform the space from ceremony to reception in just one hour (impressive!).


Still looking for a Raleigh wedding venue that’s both in the heart of downtown and allows you to make it your own? Learn more about each venue and contact their sales team directly by clicking here: All Saints Chapel, The Stockroom 230 and The Glass Box.