Devin of D. Hayman Photography knew early on that she wanted to be a photographer for everyone. For her, it’s not only about the couples she works with but also the product she delivers.

“I decided early on that I wanted to be a photographer for everyone and not limit my portfolio. I go out of my way to find diverse family and couples,” said the photographer. “But the most important thing is to create images that couples are going to love for the rest of their lives.”

Devin remembers how important her wedding photos are to her, so tries to create that same feeling for her couples.

“I don’t pay attention to trends and rather try to create timeless images with rich vibrant colors and sharp lines. In 20 years, I don’t want my couples to wonder what I was thinking,” she said. 

For the most part, Devin photographs couples who like to laugh and have fun, which is the perfect complement to her fun-loving personality.

“I work best with couples that like to laugh and don’t take things too seriously. They usually have a sense of adventure and like to have fun,” said Devin.

Not only is Devin fun, but her laid back personality and organization brings a calming presence to wedding day that most couples are very thankful for. After all, she is just as excited to be there as her couples. 

“I love being able to spend time with couples on the best day of their lives. My wedding photos are so important to me and I feel so honored to be able to give that to someone else,” she said. 

Initially, Devin wasn’t positive she wanted to work into weddings. While she had always loved photography as a hobby, she started a corporate job after college. She needed a creative outlet so decided to second shoot for a friend at a wedding. While at that wedding, she felt a sense of purpose that she hadn’t felt before. 

While weddings as a whole are her calling, there is still one moment on that day she loves to capture the most. 

“My favorite shot, every time, is right after the ceremony when the couple is recessing down the aisle because it’s just pure joy and connection, and so much emotion in that shot,” Devin explained. 

It’s clear in that shot and all of her shots that Devin is doing exactly what she should be doing!

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